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Juggling Elephants Training

I think we all know that sometimes work can feel like a bit of a circus – projects flying this way and that, following the ringmaster’s instructions, occasionally performing “acrobatics” to get things done. So in December, in order to combat that impression and gear up for 2017, the leader of the Talent Team hosted […]

Congratulations, Aide!

At TMX Finance Family of Companies, we sincerely believe that hard work and dedication is the key to success. The founder of our company built the corporation we are today by starting with one single store… now, we span the nation from coast to coast! One team member that truly embodies both hard work and dedication […]

Hard work yields rewards!

Hard work deserves to be rewarded, right? Our Regional Directors of Operations are constantly going above and beyond to make sure their team members feel appreciated. At TMX Family of Companies, we care about our team members, and we want to show them how important they are to us. Each team is unique in its […]

Our IT Team Rocks!

Back in 2015, our Information Technology Department began rolling out a new Paperless Initiative to all of our stores across the United States! This initiative was so big, several other corporate departments joined the Paperless Team to effectively reduce the amount of paper used to complete our loan application process. Talk about a successful team […]

Recruiter Appreciation Day

At TMX, we understand that we are only as successful as our team members. And, from CEO to CSR, each team member has a vital role in making our company great. This is why top talent is paramount to the prosperity, strength, and success of TMX Finance Family of Companies. It is for this reason that our TMX Recruiters […]




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