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Your Military Experience Works at TMX Finance Family of Companies

Your Military Experience Works at TMX Finance Family of Companies

There is never a shortage of employers looking for disciplined individuals who understand the importance of leadership, including the TMX Finance® Family of Companies. Your military service stresses how to lead and how to carry out a mission successfully with your team. My military experience not only taught me how to work with others to become a strong team, it also taught me how to develop new teams through a servant leadership style. The TMX Finance® Family of Companies holds similar beliefs in building and growing teams, which is why it’s an employer of choice for me.

What I learned in the Navy helped me develop a strong leadership foundation to build upon, which led to many promotions and opportunities to lead even larger teams. As a Company, we are always looking for Veterans with the desire, energy, enthusiasm, and passion to lead. I’ve seen where self-doubt can creep in for Veterans transitioning to the civilian world because they may have been in a rigid environment dedicated to being certified in one specific skill that isn’t as easy to translate outside of the military. My advice to those transitioning would be to have the desire to continue to learn, maintain a strong work ethic, and build upon your skills. These are vital in building your civilian career.

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