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Ace Your Interview with Community Choice Financial® Family of Brands

Ace Your Interview with Community Choice Financial® Family of Brands

Applying for your future opportunity is just the first step in propelling your career. Whether you feel completely confident or utterly nervous when you get the call to schedule an interview, it is best to prepare yourself for a successful encounter with what could become your future employer. If you want to ace your Community Choice Financial® Family of Brands interview, be authentic, be professional, and use these helpful tips.

Before the Interview

Do Your Due Diligence – Read up on and familiarize yourself with the Company. Review the job description for the position you are interviewing; how does it match with your experience and what you can bring to the Company?

Update & Print Your Resume – Ensure your resume is up-to-date with the most accurate work information. Print several copies to bring in to your interview; you may be meeting more than one hiring manager that will want to review your work history.

Plan for Obstacles – Prepare for obstacles that may hinder you from arriving to your interview on time such as childcare issues, traffic, and car trouble. Have a backup plan in place and keep the recruiter or hiring manager’s information handy in the event you need to adjust your interview time.

Practice Makes Perfect – Whether you are new to interviewing or get nerves before an important event, asking a friend or family member to interview you can help make the real deal go smoothly. Do a few test runs, including the hard-hitting questions that may catch you off guard. Ask them to do a few practice runs to help you prepare and relieve the nerves that can come with interviewing.

Dress to Impress – Business professional is the way to go when it comes to interviewing. Put together a business professional outfit or matching suit that will make you feel confident and successful. Do a test run at least a day before by standing, sitting, and walking to ensure the attire is not too short or too tight. Your attire not only effects the image you portray during the interview, but can have a positive or negative effect on how you interview. Hang your outfit in an easily accessible location to save you some time on interview day. Your attire should be wrinkle-free, clean of any stains, lint, or pet hair.

During the Interview

Arrive Early – 5-10 minutes early is on time when it comes to an interview. Give yourself time to relax by arriving early. Unknown to many candidates, the interview can start as early as when you’re in the parking lot. Your first impression with the Company should be the best image of yourself. Don’t risk ruining it by feeling rushed, appearing flustered, and arriving late.

Come with Confidence – Confidence comes in many forms; a big smile, a firm handshake, a relaxed yet professional posture, and a positive attitude can all be results of confidence. You would not be considered for an interview if the Community Choice Financial® Family of Brands didn’t think you had the talent, so walk with a purpose and visualize yourself as the best person for the job!

Make a Good Impression – There is a laundry list of ways you can leave a terrible impression during an interview: arriving late, chewing gum, wearing heavy cologne or perfume, dressing too casually, and seeming unenthused about the position are just a few.

Mind Your Body Language – Be prepared to shake many hands, sit for a period, and tour the office. Be mindful of your body language; avoid slouching or excessive leaning in the chair, folding your arms, biting your nails, or playing with your hair. Make eye contact throughout the interview and sit in an upright position that will discourage you from fidgeting.

Sell Yourself – Sell what your resume can’t—your unique personality, passion, and drive! Be ready to speak to your work history and why that experience will make you the best fit for the role. Think about your successes, how you’ve contributed to previous employers, and how you’ll become an integral part of the Community Choice Financial® Family of Brands.

Ask Questions – Asking questions shows your interest and excitement for the position you’re interviewing. Prepare 2-3 thoughtful questions for the interviewer, although more are always welcome. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that will help you determine if the position is a fit for you and your career goals. The interview should be informative for both you and the interviewer.

After the Interview

Send a Thank You – Leave a lasting impression by sending a handwritten note or e-mail to the hiring manager or recruiter, thanking them for their time and the opportunity to be considered. Gratitude goes a long way, even if you’re not selected for the position.

Expectations – Your recruiter will set expectations on when you will receive feedback from your interview. When in doubt, reach out to your recruiter with any questions you may have.

We hope these interview tips will get you prepared for your big day! When in doubt, speak with your recruiter on best practices for your interview!

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