We see the unique combination of skill, culture, and knowledge each of our team members possess as the driving force in our Company’s success. We are committed to hiring individuals who enrich our teams with their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. From building long-lasting customer relationships to effectively planning our next big initiative, the diverse nature of our teams allows us to accomplish our mission every day.

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The TMX Finance Family is proud to operate as one team with many strengths, strengths that are derived from our team members’ wide range of personal and professional experiences, their vast skill sets, and their diversity of thought. We recognize the contributions each individual brings to our organization and are excited to not only share their stories, but to highlight their backgrounds, heritages, skills, and areas of expertise, which allows us to uphold our commitment to serving our communities.


We are building teams reflective of the evolving communities we serve. By integrating diversity and inclusion initiatives throughout our Company and culture, we are driving revenue, motivating our team members, and fostering innovation. But most of all, we are connecting with our customers and forging stronger relationships.


The TMX Finance Family of Companies is excited to offer recent college graduates a variety of opportunities and leadership roles. We look for students who are ready to grow professionally and become tomorrow’s business leaders. Join our dynamic group of innovators and launch your career today!


Through our commitment, TMX Project SERV: Securing Employment for Respected Veterans, we are dedicated to hiring members of the military. In 2018, we have pledged to hire 100% more U.S. military veterans than in 2017. Through the development programs and benefits we offer, our military team members receive the guidance and support they need to ensure a smooth transition in to the business world. For the past two years, we have received the Patriot Award awarded by the Department of Defense and reflects the many efforts made by our Company to support citizen soldiers when they are called to duty.


We have worked to create an empowering environment for women to find success within our organization and our newest program nurtures their potential and talent to propel them into senior leadership positions. In this program we draw on the knowledge and skills of our extensive network of male and female executive leaders to motivate, mentor, and help accelerate their careers. It’s all about sharing knowledge, developing leadership skills, and inspiring innovation and gender diversity in leadership.

Awards and Recognition

Military Friendly Employer
Military Friendly Badge

Military Friendly® Employer

TMX Finance® Family of Companies has earned recognition as a Military Friendly® Employer.

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HLPA America’s Best Place to Work for Hispanics/Latinos

Diversity in skill, knowledge, and culture is one of the driving forces behind our Company’s success.

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10 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Diversity in thought, background, and culture has always been one of the driving forces behind our success at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies. That’s why we’re proud to honor the unique contributions and individual achievements of our Hispanic and Latinx Team Members during Hispanic Heritage Month. This month, celebrated in the U.S. on September 15th through October 15th, pays tribute to the contributions and influence of the Hispanic and Latinx communities. Lyndon B. Johnson declared National Hispanic Heritage Week in 1968 and it was later expanded into a 30-day period by Ronald Reagan in 1988. With Hispanic and Latinx …

Hispanic Impact: More than Just Your Average Hard Workers

Hi, my name is Ana Escamilla Pereyra.  I was born in Veracruz, Mexico, and was brought to the U.S. when I was only 45 days old. My mother migrated from Northern Mexico and my father migrated from Southern Mexico and then met in Gainesville, GA in 1987.  Like most immigrants, they came to the United States to provide a better lifestyle for their families. Gainesville, known as the Poultry Capital of the World, provided a huge opportunity for them to start their mission here. My dad had a vision and understood that to get somewhere, you needed both skills and …

Leaders Making History: Meet James Romero, Regional Vice President

“Everybody wants to win; you just have to nurture it from that point of view.” How does one become Regional Vice President of the year, not once, but twice? When we spoke with James Romero, a seasoned Regional Vice President at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies, he shed some light on the moments where he truly felt like a servant leader and how he has maintained a successful team within the Company since his start in 2014. “Throughout my life, my career has been very successful. It goes back to my strategy to be there for the people. Everybody …

A Celebration of Culture by Argelia Hernandez

My name is Argelia Hernandez and I am Mexican American. This year, for Hispanic Heritage Month, I am going to begin celebrating by sharing a part of my culture, which is an immense part of me. My culture and my language have helped serve as a vital bridge between my job and my personal life. All the experiences I’ve had due to my culture have shaped me into who I am today. It gives me the perspective of living two different nationalities and the ability to easily relate to others. It gives me a sense of knowing I am no …

Leaders Making History: Gilbert Garcia District Director of Operations, ACV

Since he started in 2014, Gilbert Garcia has been considered a model leader amongst many at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies because of his high-energy and ability to quickly champion and influence others on Company initiatives. As the Director of ACV Operations, most can spot Gilbert celebrating every occasion from his team’s major wins to Star Wars themed birthdays. He’s humble but doesn’t mind rolling up his sleeves and hopping on the phone to help his team support our store operators. From managing and growing stores as a General Manager in Dallas, to making the highly coveted move to …

Leaders Making History: Nicolas Rodriguez, Regional Vice President

Nicolas Rodriguez always imagined he would grow up to help others. Although his father’s goal was to have him take on the family strawberry farm, Rodriguez wanted to hold his own career in business and leadership. He was able to do just that. When Rodriguez joined the Company over five years ago, he assisted in opening new stores in our fast-growing California market. “I found TitleMax through LinkedIn and applied while I was still working in Mexico. Things didn’t work out because I wanted to be in California. When I came back to the states, I reconnected with the recruiter, …

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