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Take A Risk, Crush A Goal

Take A Risk, Crush A Goal

“A friend can inspire enthusiasm as well as accountability, and that serves to challenge you.” Deanna Cosso; Romuald Andrade

As we set goals for 2020, we wanted to reflect on the accomplishments of 2019. Last year, we found common ground in the fitness goals we had each set for ourselves. When we heard of a new workout studio opening near our office, we took the challenge to try something new. We learned that having an accountability partner made the difference in reaching our goals. Here is our story:

“Last year, I had enough with being out of shape, having low energy, not fitting in my clothes and feeling bad about myself. I decided to start with several small changes in the form of daily goals – water consumption, monitoring calories and daily activity. I wanted and needed to do something different to better myself. I had been meeting these goals and continuing to work on them when the opening of a downtown Pure Barre studio was announced. I decided to give it a try. I was a little scared and didn’t really know what I was getting into. I took one class and decided to take the risk and join as a “founding member.” And I’ve never looked back.” -Johanna Parr

“When my friends first joined Pure Barre, I had no intention of joining the pack. I wasn’t aware of what this boutique style workout entailed, and I wasn’t interested in anything more than running on the treadmill every now and then. After about a month in I saw the energy boost they had each day. I saw how excited they were to go to the studio and come back more energized. Something said: ‘go try it.’ On my first day of class I knew that I needed something to hold me accountable to my fitness goals. I had joined gyms before and would go sporadically but I never committed to myself and my health in the way I should. So, there I was at the Pure Barre studio with my colleagues and I knew I needed to push myself. Before even taking a single class, I signed a year commitment. I took a risk on MYSELF!” – Jennifer Jeffers

Here we are together in January and we are so excited to celebrate our accomplishments! We hit our first milestone of 100 classes, completed the Fall Fit Challenge, and are currently working towards 40 classes in 60 days! We both believe that if we didn’t have the support, companionship, and shared goals, we wouldn’t be where we are now. It’s emotional as we celebrate our wins because individually, we took a risk on ourselves. We tried something new and made a commitment to one another. We hold each other accountable, push each other through the challenges, and encourage each other when the classes get tough. We even enjoy a laugh together every now and then when our bodies just want to give up. We can see growth in what we are able to do physically, and we are happy for where we are headed. This spills over into every part of our lives. Being more confident in your body and skin, makes you less self-conscious in other areas of life and gives you the ability to thrive. The classes are challenging and the more we go, the tougher it seems to get! Some days we know that if we can survive that class, we can conquer the world!

Our advice to you if you’ve been toying with goals for 2020 is to take the risk, setup a game plan and find an accountability partner. If you write down and verbalize your goals to someone, and have regular check ins, you’re going to achieve those goals and get much further than you would on your own. We are so thankful for our “Barre Besties.”

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