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Connected to the Mission

Connected to the Mission

With unemployment rates at an all-time low, the market is perfect for job seekers. Still, some companies have difficulties understanding military experience and the benefits of hiring U.S. veterans. At the TMX Finance® Family of Companies, we appreciate and honor the indispensable leadership skills one gains from the military and stand committed to securing employment for U.S. military veterans ready to take on their next mission.

We sat down with Kristen DuBose, Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies, to ask how TMX Project SERV and the Company’s veteran hiring commitment has had an impact on recruiting efforts. In turn, she presented great tips for veteran candidates looking to transition to a civilian career.

Q: Why is the veteran hiring commitment, TMX Project SERV, important to you?

A:“It has been incredible to watch how TMX Project SERV has impacted our Company culture. Everybody knows somebody in the military, whether personally, directly, or indirectly, and that has resulted in a global connection to this mission. I think supporting our service members, veterans and military spouses has created an immense sense of pride across the organization. The support we see from our care package drive, to our military employees sharing their stories, to writing letters to deployed service members overseas, it is always so inspiring and heartwarming to know that we are hopefully making a true difference!”

Q: What tools have helped in translating military experience into civilian competencies?

A: “Our Talent Strategy team does an incredible job partnering with veterans’ services to continuously educate and train our recruiters and Hiring Managers on the specific roles in the military and how they translate into the roles we hire for within the Company. Our recruiters also have resume decoders that break down certain military terms.”

Q: Why should veterans consider the TMX Finance® Family of Companies as a place of employment?

A: “The Company was just recognized as a Top Ten Gold Military Friendly® Employer for 2020. This is in large part due to our hiring commitment and support of the military community. But I also feel like it reflects our overall Company culture. We have a leadership team that is committed to our employee’s continued professional development and long-term success.”

Q: Do you have any advice for veterans looking to work at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies?

A: “Trust in your abilities! Interviewing and exploring new opportunities can be a stressful time for anyone. But remember: leadership, passion and work ethic are often times far more important than understanding every little nuance of a potential job. Be yourself in the interview, let your traits shine through, and talk about the experience you do have that would translate to the position for which you are being considered.”

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