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Advice to Veterans

Advice to Veterans

“The TMX Finance® Family of Companies stood out to me because not only did other employees commend it as an exceptional company to work for, but the Company sets you up to succeed and works on helping you along the way.” Crystal Allen, Store Manager at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies and U.S. Navy Veteran

We believe that the best way to honor a veteran is to hire them and provide ongoing training to build upon their fundamental leadership skills. To help honor the service and sacrifices of U.S. military veterans, dependents and spouses, we thought it vital to provide tips on the transition from the military to the civilian world from some of our very own veteran team members.

Q: How has being in the military had an impact on your civilian career?

A: “Discipline and communication are some things that I learned that I feel help me out so much in my current position with the Company. Being in the military matured me and taught me that I am so much stronger, smarter, and capable than I ever dreamed of.” Crystal Allen, Store Manager and U.S. Navy Veteran.

Q:How did your military experience prepare you for the position you’re in today with the Company?

A: “The military gives you a lot of responsibilities and teaches you how to take them on. The military also teaches you how to lead a group of individuals and how to train others and teach them the skills you have learned. For me, the military made me grow up and learn how to have a career. It also gave me a lot of discipline and confidence. Being in the military taught me how to lead a group of individuals from various types of backgrounds.” Lindsey Heinkel, Manager and U.S. Army Veteran

Q: What advice would you give to a service member transitioning into a civilian career?

A: “As a Company, we are always looking for veterans with the desire, energy, enthusiasm, and passion to lead. Self-doubt can creep in for veterans transitioning to the civilian world because they may have been in a rigid environment dedicated to being certified in one specific skill that isn’t as easy to translate outside of the military. My advice to those transitioning would be to have the desire to continue to learn, maintain a strong work ethic, and build upon your skills. These are vital in building your civilian career.” Jim Vaughan, Senior Vice President and U.S. Navy Veteran

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