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The Golden Ticket Winner Series

Remember our awesome Golden Ticket winners? They are team members who are recognized by our President for doing outstanding things every day and are awarded a pair of tickets to a Dallas Mavericks game. Each of the November golden ticket winners has attended a Mavs game and sent us a recap of their experience. Check […]

Crazy Costumes & Candy

Halloween at the TMX Finance Family of Companies is always a ghoulishly hilarious time. In addition to the haunted sounds of ghosts roaming the halls, you will also hear lots of laughter! Our corporate team members celebrate with costume contests and our store operators like to dress up and make their customers’ smile. Doing business […]

The Golden Ticket

Congratulations to Preston Grimshaw, Financial Analyst; Marc Ybarra, Infrastructure Manager; and Jill Harrison, Online Operations Manager on receiving our Company President’s highly coveted Dallas Mavericks tickets! These team members did not just win the tickets through luck, they were recognized for their hard work, positive attitudes, and ability to make great things happen. Each team […]

Telling Our Story

At the TMX Finance Family of Companies, we don’t just tell our team members what they need to know. We show them through innovative and cutting-edge videos that our team of editors and producers create using our in-house production studio. Many companies outsource video production, but we believe so strongly in the power of video […]




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