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National Hiring Day – How to Prepare for Our Hiring Event

National Hiring Day – How to Prepare for Our Hiring Event

The TMX Finance® Family of Companies’ annual National Hiring Day event is August 24th 2023, from 10am to 6pm local time. Our Talent Acquisition team is passionate about providing career opportunities and have been preparing to ensure that candidates receive a world-class interviewing experience. To help you prepare for National Hiring Day, an interview, and joining the TMX Finance® Family of Companies, our recruiters share how you can make the best impression!

“I believe the biggest perk about working for TMX Finance® Family of Companies is the community that comes with the job! You will have the opportunity to work along some of the best and brightest professionals and will make life-long friendships with many of your coworkers!” – Kristen DuBose, Vice President of Talent Acquisition

“I admire a company that invests in their people! From customized learning plans to a formalized mentorship program, [the] TMX Finance® Family of Companies helps me to learn and grow in my current role and helps define a path for my future growth.” – Shannon Beasley, Senior Director of Corporate Talent Management

“I enjoy working for a company that has no cap on growth opportunity. In fact, we actually encourage it with our mentorship programs! Through the mentoring program, I’ve connected with new colleagues and shared knowledge, experiences, advice and, of course, coffee. My mentorship experiences have strengthened my professional growth and truly enhanced my leadership abilities.“ – Jennifer Franklin, Senior Corporate Recruiting Manager

Interviewing can be stressful, but we want to make sure you go into your interview feeling as comfortable as you can! Along with being performance-driven and having a passion to help others, here are some qualities and skills our recruiters are looking for in those who want to join our teams:

“For me, the ideal candidate has a positive attitude, is goal-oriented, competitive, and doesn’t shy away from a challenge!” – Andy Caparisos, Area Recruiting Manager

“I am looking for someone who will thrive in our culture and is looking to grow their career. My ideal candidate is eager to learn and has a positive attitude.” – Carmon Brady, Senior Recruiter

“When I’m interviewing potential new Team Members, I’m looking for someone truly passionate about helping people and comes with a servant leadership mindset. I feel these individuals will love working for our Company, they will focus on team development, and they will grow the business. It’s a win-win!” – Jennifer Franklin, Senior Corporate Recruiting Manager

Now that you know what our hiring managers are looking for, here’s some advice on how you can stand out during an interview:

Make yourself stand out! Come dressed to impress and show your passion and enthusiasm for success. You do not need to memorize your resume, but you should be able to talk about your experiences and explain how you added value to your past employer. Doing this is a quick way to provide an example of what you can bring to our team!” – Andrew McCray, Associate Director of Talent Acquisition

“Arrive to your interview prepared. Do some research on the Company and think of some questions you may have about who we are, what we do, and what we offer for your interviewer!” – Andy Caparisos, Area Recruiting Manager

“The ideal candidate is someone who has the willingness to learn, sets goals and strives hard to reach them, has great communication, and is respectful – not only respectful of others but of themselves, too.” – Erica Barnhart, Senior Recruiter

“Candidates should just be themselves! That will help them stand out. Another great way to set yourself apart is by dressing your best!” – Emily Jeffords, Senior Recruiter

Are you ready to take control of your career and embark on a rewarding experience? You can learn more about the TMX Finance® Family of Companies and what we offer our Team Members HERE. We hope you are excited to join our growing teams, and we’re ready to meet you on August 24th!

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