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July 12: The TMX Finance® Family’s National Hiring Day!

July 12: The TMX Finance® Family’s National Hiring Day!

Submitted by: Amanda Barnes, Director of Talent Acquisition, Store Operations, and Heather Sueirro, Talent Strategy Manager

2018 has been an exciting year for the TMX Finance® Family of Companies! From a Talent Acquisition standpoint, we revamped our standard method of hosting interview days by introducing open interviews in every store, on every Thursday, across the nation. And so Career Nights were born, because that’s what they represent—a night to jumpstart your new career by learning more about our work family.

Excitingly, for the first time ever, we are now able to provide on-the-spot contingent job offers to qualifying Customer Service Representative candidates that interview during Career Night. This is HUGE for us and for potential team members! Not only does this allow us to secure top talent quickly and efficiently, but it allows us to give the candidate what they came for—a career opportunity!

In creating our 2018 Career Nights, we realized it was truly time to step up our game and go BIG! So this year, we are implementing our first ever National Hiring Day on July 12, 2018. This monumental event will give us the chance to have a one-day, all-hands-on-deck hiring event that will span across all of our brands and each of our store locations, including our two corporate offices in Savannah, Georgia and Carrollton, Texas. Every hiring manager will be available to meet with and interview candidates!

Our ambitious goal? To interview 2,500 people during this event, moving forward with the top talent that will bring unique skills to our diverse team.

Going into our busy season, we’re sure this event will be incredibly beneficial to those in attendance that are driven, motivated, and ready to join a work family with strong values. Why is that? Career Nights and National Hiring Day give candidates the opportunity to meet with both team members and hiring managers and get a realistic preview of daily life with the Company. Attending these events also speeds up the consideration process, allowing new team members to jump into their careers faster.

If you’re interested in attending either of these events, here’s where to start:

  1. Find hiring events near you.
  2. Print an updated copy of your resume.
    (View for tips on writing an effective resume.)
  3. Dress professionally and bring your confidence!

Career Nights have been a huge success and we are so excited to see National Hiring Day launch this year. Months in the making, this is just another way we are working to create opportunities within the communities we serve. And guess what—this is just the beginning!

See you July 12th (and every Thursday night)!

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