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Helping people is our business and we do it every day by creating opportunities not only for our customers who need financial assistance, but for our very own team members looking to advance their careers. Working at the TMX Finance Family of Companies is your opportunity to make an impact on your career, your team, and the lives of our customers. Join us on our mission to make a difference.

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We are committed to hiring those who have served our country and protected our freedom.

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If you are passionate about helping people and enjoy working in a dynamic team atmosphere, then you are a perfect fit for a career in one of our stores.


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Operating 1,200+ stores across 17 states, the TMX Finance Family of Companies is composed of three brands: TitleMax®, TitleBucks® and InstaLoan®.




The TMX Finance Family of Companies has two corporate offices: one in historic Savannah, Georgia, and another in a major suburb of Dallas- Carrollton, Texas.


Savannah, Georgia, USA downtown skyline at the riverfront at dusk.
Savannah GA

In Savannah, you’ll find several departments including: Corporate and Store Operations, Human Resources, Talent Acquisition/Recruiting, Marketing, Legal and Compliance, Real Estate and Construction, and Corporate Communications. Savannah is a historic city with a revered past, a vibrant present, and an exciting future. Team members enjoy the benefits of walking to lunch under the grand live oak trees, shopping on trendy Broughton Street after work, and a vibrant night-life. With a booming local economy and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation, Savannah is attractive to individuals and families who are looking for a community that offers a stable economy and a stellar quality of life. For more information on Savannah, check out

Dallas at sunset
Carrollton TX

Carrollton is a major suburb of Dallas and is home to several departments: Corporate and Store Operations, Accounting, Product Development, Training and Development, Information Technology, Video Production, and our Contact Center. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to thousands of companies that keep the local economy buzzing. With more than 230 days of sunshine a year, the Dallas area is an ideal destination for year-round sports and outdoor recreation. Carrollton offers a wide array of shopping and restaurants and a fast-growing nightlife. The city is regularly identified as one of the best places to live in the United States. For more information on the city of Carrollton, please visit


Opportunity Knocks - TMX Careers Blog

Why I Focus on Recruiting Women in Leadership for the TMX Finance® Family

Written by Shannon Beasley, Director of Corporate Recruiting When people ask me how I got into Recruiting, I have to tell them it was really a stroke of luck. I had just moved to Tampa, FL and I NEEDED A JOB! I was hired by a small firm to do research and to assist the Recruiting Team, and before the end of my first year I found myself working as a full-blown recruiter, “smiling and dialing” as we say in the business, and was enjoying every minute! After relocating back to the Savannah area, I was surprised to learn of …

The TMX Success Portal – Helping Team Members Manage Their Careers

Written by: Jennifer Barrett, Sr. Manager of Organizational & People Development Think about your current position or companies you’ve been with in the past. Did you have access to a portal that not only gave you organizational updates, official yet fun recognition programs, and the ability to manage your own development? Drawing a blank? This type of portal or program is something that many companies are beginning to lean toward and that we at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies implemented in 2017, slowly building on to it as we have continued to evolve and make more decisions about how …

Building Our Teams – An Investment in Diversity & Inclusion

Written by: Ashley Snider, Sr. Talent Strategy Manager This month, in a continued effort to be “Talent Obsessed,” the TMX Finance® Family of Companies launched our official Diversity and Inclusion webpage. We have always strived to attract talent with diversity of thought, ideas, and perspectives, and we are actively striving to create a work culture where our team members not only feel welcomed, respected, supported, and valued, but also able and eager to fully engage. The importance of this lies not only in the ethical responsibility – that it is simply the right thing to do – but in that …

Video Resumes & Cover Letters: The Way of the Future, or Just a Fad?

Submitted by: Elizabeth Lightfoot, Senior Recruiter An email from a colleague came through the other day sharing the story of a girl’s new approach on a cover letter – she had made a music video! She had a talking intro, then went straight into playing the piano and singing an Adele-style song (though not quite as dramatic). To be honest, at first it sounded as though she was over-compensating, and a bit immature, until I actually listened to the lyrics. This girl uses a song to explain her assets in detail, clearly communicate her strengths, and provide her objective. She’s …

The Store Operations High Potential Program: Developing Future Company Leaders

Written by: Kate Andersen, Director of Succession Management “High Potentials” are team members who possess the business acumen, vision, and leadership capabilities to become leaders within an organization. High Potentials (HiPos) are proven performers with three distinguishing attributes that allow them to rise and succeed in more senior and critical positions to the success of the Company. Those attributes include aspiration, ability, and engagement. Aspiration – a team member’s desire for advancement, challenging work, and recognition in the organization. Ability – a team member’s ability is illustrated not only by their success in performing and exceeding the expectations of their …

National Mentoring Month Recap

We may be bringing mentoring month to a close, but the TEAM UP Mentor Program will continue and keep the spirit of mentorship alive! Check out some feedback from this session of the Corporate Mentor Program, and highlights below from our month-long mentoring celebration! “My mentor helps me identify goals and work to achieve them. She’s been a fresh perspective for me.” – Corporate Mentee “It’s very exciting to hear from our corporate mentors and mentees on their experiences in TEAM Up so far. From what our participants are sharing, involvement in the program has led to better collaboration across …

National Mentoring Day

We are continuing our celebration of National Mentoring Month all January long! Today is International Mentoring Day and the perfect opportunity to share some of our success stories with the TEAM UP Mentorship Program! See below for words from our participants! “Having an experienced advisor to bounce ideas off and receive feedback from has been invaluable to my personal growth.” “My mentor has been a fantastic match! She is personable and gives great advice and guidance. The best part is I feel that I am gaining a friend out of this experience.” “I look forward to my weekly meetings with …

The Talent Department’s 2017 Accomplishments & 2018 Goals

Submitted by: Kristen DuBose & Daria Levin 2017 has been quite a year for the Talent Department! Major initiatives were successfully launched, goals were crushed, and we all had fun throughout! From system launches to employee engagement programs to major life events, it’s safe to say the Talent Department knows how to Get. Things. Done. and impact the careers and lives of our team members throughout the Company! One important goal we achieved was the creation of a Talent Department Mission Statement. Creating a Mission Statement helped us to remember our main objectives within the department – to find, hire, …

Keys to a Successful Video Interview

Submitted by: Heather Sueirro, Recruiting Manager Advances in technology have made it easier for you to find and apply for your dream job, but fitting an interview into your already busy schedule can be difficult. One technology advancement that helps with this issue is the video interview platform. Major employers are using this in addition to, or as an alternative to, the traditional interview because it widens their candidate pool and helps to fill their positions faster. Because most potential employees complete video interviews outside of normal business hours, the convenience of interviewing virtually is unmatched and a time saver …