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4 Steps to Igniting Your Career Love

Submitted By: Jennifer Jeffers, Recruiting Manager February is the month of love. A time where we show gratitude and extra attention to our loved ones, our spouses, and our families. It can also be a great time to show your career some love, too! Our careers can be considered a huge part of how we define ourselves. We love to show our gratitude to others, but it’s important we celebrate our careers, as well! Just over a year ago, I started my career with TMX Finance® Family of Companies. It was a scary transition because I thought I truly loved …

A Brand New Ball Game

Submitted By: Collin Pike, HR Generalist It has been over 13 months now since I last laced up my spikes. It is safe to say that I have officially ‘hung it up’ with my baseball career. I have transitioned from pitching a ball to a catcher to assisting in the resolution of a wide array of employee cases. To some, this transition may seem totally unrelated and independent of one another. In my eyes, these two worlds join forces in ways you may never have thought possible. This transition was an opportunity for me to apply everything baseball has taught me …

Set Yourself Up to Hit Your Goals and Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

Submitted By: Jason Broce, Senior Director, Human Resources Webster would define a goal as “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or a desired result.” Prevailing wisdom would lend you that the best way to achieve our goals would be to set specific, measurable and actionable goals. For years, I approached my goals the same way. I’ve set goals for starting, for stopping; for being quicker; for slowing down; for earning more; for spending less; for health, fitness, productivity, and for simply doing more with less. I approached them all the same. I’ve succeeded a few, and …

New Year New Career

Submitted By: Matt Moisant, Senior Recruiter With 2018 disappearing in the rear view, we find ourselves with a great opportunity to make 2019 all the things that 2018 wasn’t. Everyone has different goals they are reaching for during the year, but at the end of 2018 I found myself in a boat I think a lot of people have been in before. Working holiday schedules as well as weekends for many years had me aiming my efforts toward finding a position in which I could spend more time with my family. I knew I wanted a better balance between my work …

Kick-Start Your Personal Development Journey

Submitted By: Lindsay Gray, Senior Manager of Internal Mobility Growth in every aspect of life is typically an exciting time. Dreaming about growth in our careers, our families, and our finances, just to name a few, is many times on our list of goals to achieve. But when we think deeper than just the surface level of our goals, there is Personal Development that has to take place in order to achieve them. Let’s face it—making a conscious effort to truly develop ourselves is not an easy task; it is sometimes a full-blown journey. It requires a lot of our …

Exceeding Goals

Submitted By: Liz Lightfoot, Recruiting Manager It’s November, that time of year that flies by until January. Finalizing projects, deadlines, and taking the 11th hour to complete all goals. As you work tirelessly on the demands, here are a few things to process, which may help determine your successes in 2018 and help you step into the new year with focused delivery. Be intentional about everything you do, every move you make throughout the day. It’s important to be decisive and in control of your tasks, big and small. This means: choose wisely on the timing of your day’s events. …