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Opportunity Knocks - TMX Careers Blog

Back on June 28th the Human Capital Superheroes united for a Team Alliance!

Submitted by: Caitlin Buttimer, Human Capital Operations Manager To start the day, our fearless leader, Lindsey Reed Smith announced the official uniting of what has become the Human Capital Department. This action packed team is composed of Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, HRIS, and the Training team. Lindsey went on to explain the purpose of this newly aligned group and outlined some of the goals we will continue to work towards over the next few years. In the past, some of our groups have duplicated efforts, but now that we have realigned, we are working to refine and streamline …

July 12: The TMX Finance® Family’s National Hiring Day!

Submitted by: Amanda Barnes, Director of Talent Acquisition, Store Operations, and Heather Sueirro, Talent Strategy Manager 2018 has been an exciting year for the TMX Finance® Family of Companies! From a Talent Acquisition standpoint, we revamped our standard method of hosting interview days by introducing open interviews in every store, on every Thursday, across the nation. And so Career Nights were born, because that’s what they represent—a night to jumpstart your new career by learning more about our work family. Excitingly, for the first time ever, we are now able to provide on-the-spot contingent job offers to qualifying Customer Service …

Team Win! Taking Applicant Tracking to the Next Level

Submitted by: Erin Vernon, Sr. Talent Operations Manager So, they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Try telling that to the Talent Acquisition Team at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies! May has been a BIG month. After 8 years of using the same Applicant Tracking System (“ATS” if you are tech savvy), we have completely switched to operating in a new one, the CareerBuilder ATS. This is no small feat all around and has taken 5 months and countless hours to accomplish. But, our recruiters are truly best in class in every way, and during the …

Making a Lateral Career Move

Submitted by: Kate Robertson, Corporate Recruiting Manager I first joined the TMX Finance® Family of Companies team in April of 2012. When I began to look for a career outside of the education world, I knew that I wanted to be in a competitive, production-based environment. So I first joined the team as a Field Recruiter, where I recruited for Customer Service Representatives, Store Managers, and General Managers for our stores. As time progressed with the Company, so did my career. I began to take on new roles, ones that allowed me to manage a team as well as a …

Your Health: The Importance of a Strong Wellness Program

Submitted by: Janie Ginn, Benefits Analyst When I learned that I had been accepted to fill a corporate position at the TMX Finance© Family of Companies located in Downtown Savannah, Georgia, I was thrilled! I had a career start, I would be eligible for insurance benefits, I could contribute towards a 401(K), but I was ecstatic at the thought of so many restaurants within walking distance of my office. Full disclosure: I’m a foodie. So, I packed my bags and this working girl became an official TMX Finance® Family team member on March 3, 2014. Flash forward to March 3, …

Why I Focus on Recruiting Women in Leadership for the TMX Finance® Family

Written by Shannon Beasley, Director of Corporate Recruiting When people ask me how I got into Recruiting, I have to tell them it was really a stroke of luck. I had just moved to Tampa, FL and I NEEDED A JOB! I was hired by a small firm to do research and to assist the Recruiting Team, and before the end of my first year I found myself working as a full-blown recruiter, “smiling and dialing” as we say in the business, and was enjoying every minute! After relocating back to the Savannah area, I was surprised to learn of …

The TMX Success Portal – Helping Team Members Manage Their Careers

Written by: Jennifer Barrett, Sr. Manager of Organizational & People Development Think about your current position or companies you’ve been with in the past. Did you have access to a portal that not only gave you organizational updates, official yet fun recognition programs, and the ability to manage your own development? Drawing a blank? This type of portal or program is something that many companies are beginning to lean toward and that we at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies implemented in 2017, slowly building on to it as we have continued to evolve and make more decisions about how …

Building Our Teams – An Investment in Diversity & Inclusion

Written by: Ashley Snider, Sr. Talent Strategy Manager This month, in a continued effort to be “Talent Obsessed,” the TMX Finance® Family of Companies launched our official Diversity and Inclusion webpage. We have always strived to attract talent with diversity of thought, ideas, and perspectives, and we are actively striving to create a work culture where our team members not only feel welcomed, respected, supported, and valued, but also able and eager to fully engage. The importance of this lies not only in the ethical responsibility – that it is simply the right thing to do – but in that …

Video Resumes & Cover Letters: The Way of the Future, or Just a Fad?

Submitted by: Elizabeth Lightfoot, Senior Recruiter An email from a colleague came through the other day sharing the story of a girl’s new approach on a cover letter – she had made a music video! She had a talking intro, then went straight into playing the piano and singing an Adele-style song (though not quite as dramatic). To be honest, at first it sounded as though she was over-compensating, and a bit immature, until I actually listened to the lyrics. This girl uses a song to explain her assets in detail, clearly communicate her strengths, and provide her objective. She’s …