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Corporate New Hire Program

Corporate New Hire Program

Submitted by: Caitlyn Fahey, Executive Assistant of Shared Services – Dallas

On Monday April 16th, I was able to visit one of our TitleMax stores in Carrollton, Texas as part of the New Hire Program to observe store operations. As a corporate employee, I really wanted to see the front-line processes of our organization and learn about the day-to-day store activities. Throughout the visit, I was able to see the customer onboarding process, vehicle appraisals using the ACV tool, payment transactions, and collections activity. But, my biggest takeaway from my experience was the interactions and relationships between customers and store employees.

A customer entered the store and I could tell by the way the team greeted her that she was a familiar face. She saw me sitting there and asked if I was someone “new to the family”. This really resonated with me because our Company prides itself on having a family-oriented culture, not just internally but with our customers as well. When the store manager went to take the photo for her file, she smiled really big and posed like it was for a glamour shot and we all laughed. You could really see the connection they build and foster with their customers. She came in to get additional funds on her loan, and I heard the store manager telling her that “everything gets better, even when it feels like it’s all coming down on you”. Her words were heartfelt and I could tell she was listening to the customer’s story and empathized with her by offering comforting words.

Later in the day, a man walked in and he was greeted by name. Another woman walked in and as she sat down with one of the managers, he asked her if she had her wedding yet. These details, no matter how small they may seem, can mean the world to someone. The team at Carrollton-1 go above and beyond good customer service; they truly represent the family mentality of the TMX Finance Family of Companies.

Submitted by: Lianne Keathley, Front Desk Coordinator II – Dallas

The team at TitleMax of Carrollton, Texas were welcoming and accommodating to each customer. They put their best foot forward in each situation. I think to a certain extent, they are each a bit cross trained to help each other out, should one person be away from their desk.

I was able to see how the store takes payments via our point-of-sale system and how new account documents are processed depending on whether a customer refinances or simply makes a payment. We always do our best to help the customer as much as we are able.

I briefly saw how we appraisal vehicles and assisted in the process. In conclusion, I enjoyed my time at the Carrollton store, learning more about our Company and the account origination process. It was interesting to see first-hand customer interaction, which in turn helped me to see a broader view of why we have certain procedures.

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