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Training and Development

Training and Development

Submitted by: Cameron Gregg, General Manager

I committed to the great TMX Finance Family of Companies team in 2010 and haven’t looked back since. Over my 8 years with the Company, I have been a part of many programs/webinars/podcasts targeted towards my growth and development both as a leader and employee. The training and development efforts we have at the Company, I believe, are unmatched to anyone else in this industry. The innovative ideas and training environments we have for team member growth is what also separates us from others.

In my perspective, the most impactful project we have been implementing recently is the TEAM UP Mentor Program. This program partners Mentors of the leadership team with team members in the stores. The greatest feature about this program is that each team member is matched with a mentor that best fits the information given by the mentee. The key to have a continuously thriving and successful organization is to ensure that each team members’ growth and development reaches its maximum potential. This program for me is a huge game changer in the way we grow our people.

I was very excited to be selected for the program but a little optimistic also. One question did float around in my head in the days leading up to my Team UP meeting. I’ve been with the Company for 8 years of live experience and numerous training courses, I should know just about everything. Boy was I wrong! My cup was not as full as I thought. My mentor and I would spend 2 to 3 hours each week discussing different strategies, leadership methods, as well as the mindset and attitude that is needed to be successful. After each talk there was a hunger created to make an impact.  I truly want to thank the team members involved in Workforce Planning for teaming me up with my mentor. Simply put, I improved as leader, motivator, and overall as a person. I was able to gain a better perspective on how to effectively apply my skills to maximize opportunities and overcome obstacles. My TEAM UP session with my mentor has been very meaningful and effective.

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