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Leadership and Responsibilities

Leadership and Responsibilities

Submitted by: Angela Bilodeau, General Manager 

I have been in management for many years and have been exposed to many training sessions, but none have been as supportive and beneficial as the Mentor Program provided by the TMX Finance Family of Companies. When I first started this journey of the Mentor Program I was a General Manager who thought I was ready for the next level.  What I learned was that I was a General Manager who craved knowledge, feedback and experience so that I could learn to develop the next generation of sales associates for our Company.

I learned that there is a big transition from the role of General Manager to District Director.  I had to change my thought processes and understand the expectations of a new role when it came to Leadership and Responsibilities to Employees in regards to their training and development. 

I spent the next few months reading and meeting with my mentor on a weekly basis and they were able to challenge my thinking, point out areas that needed to be improved, helped me see a future in my career and challenged me to work harder for my goals.  This program truly allowed me to put my life in perspective and allowed me to reorganize my career, and my responsibilities.

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