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Ability to Adapt Quickly

Ability to Adapt Quickly

Having the ability to adapt rather quickly once change is implemented has served me well. Throughout my time with the Company I have taken every opportunity to be a student. I’ve been privileged enough to have worked in various offices all around Southern California, but the travel wasn’t the best part. The people were. I don’t believe in luck, but I believe in preparation meeting opportunity. That exact thing happened when I was offered an opportunity to participate in the mentorship program. I’ll admit I was nervous, but I refused to turn down an opportunity to learn. So I accepted.

I’d never had a mentor that was so high in the chain of management. Yes, I’ve had managers that were there for me if I needed help, but never someone who was dedicated solely to my development. My mentor made herself immediately available to me at any time. She faced each question with open arms and never hesitated to help me in any way she could. The leadership concepts she set forth were phenomenal. Having the opportunity to work with someone whose passion is inspiring growth and developing talent was the true jewel. Our Company was built on working together and that stands true today.

Continuous improvement has always been a core focus of mine. I’m always looking for ways to sharpen my skill sets and be better than I was yesterday. We live in a fast-changing workforce so it’s important to stay up-to-speed and current with the needs of the business. This was also in my mind as I decided to take part in this mentorship program. Having the opportunity to work with someone who inspires growth, optimizes talent, and is committed to my success is something I am so grateful for. My mentor was a pleasure to work with. She was very approachable and was an incredibly valuable resource to me throughout the mentorship program. It’s always great when you can work with someone so positive and passionate about what they do. Because of her unique experience, knowledge, and attention to detail, I was able to learn new leadership concepts that will help better prepare me for advancement here.

After completing the program, I am much more confident in my ability to problem solve, set and achieve goals, and develop those around me. I’d recommend this program to anyone who is eager to take the next step. I’m thankful for this incredible opportunity as it has brought me closer to the Company’s mission and has helped me improve both personally and professionally. I’d like to thank my DDO, my mentor, and TitleMax for allowing me to take part in such a life-changing program.

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