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Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Submitted by: Anna Molidor, District Director of Operations

Our mentorship program is the absolute core of who we are as a Company. Developing our team members and making a difference in people’s lives each day is one of the most valuable attributes that this program provides.

The program gives team members the opportunity to explore different leadership styles, innovative thinking and continually challenging each other to keep reaching for success. This program provides team members with an outlet to explore, learn and be motivated though interpersonal communication and support.

The mentees are impeccably open and honest about their struggles and challenges and as a mentor walking them through possible solutions is very rewarding. The phone call or text message from a mentee saying ‘You made a difference in my life and career’ is simply irreplaceable. When the cycle is over you have built a new connection, someone who will continually help you reach your goals and aspirations and a long lasting relationship

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