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Introducing: TEAM UP!

Introducing: TEAM UP!

The Talent Team is always looking for new ways to be innovative – whether that means rolling out succession planning to create clear career paths for our team members, or thinking outside the box to improve the candidate experience, we never waste an opportunity to optimize the efficiency and quality of our teams.

How are we doing it next? Our Workforce and Succession Planning team has developed a 6-month long mentorship program, where existing and successful leaders will be paired up with rising talent within the organization. Introducing: TEAM UP!

The addition of this program is paramount to the development our team members and the cultivation our future leaders from within the company. What will it look like? Mentors and mentees will meet often, attending events and meetings together, grabbing lunch or coffee, and generally building a trusting relationship. Participants will gain development in leadership, technical, and social skills (at the very least), which will benefit their overall professional and personal growth.

The TMX Family will benefit greatly by teaming up one-on-one with our exceptional leadership, those who know how to truly lead and who understand our culture. Even more, team members will learn about different areas of the organization and better ways to collaborate, resulting in the breakdown of silos and in the fostering of new working relationships.

Talk about impactful! We’re excited to experience all the positive affects the implementation of TEAM UP has on our team members and the company at large.

Applications are now open on the TMX Success Portal. Team members may watch the introductory video and apply.

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