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Help a Child in Need on Their First Day of School

Help a Child in Need on Their First Day of School

Submitted by: Amira Mccall, Summer Intern

The cost for Back-to-School supplies ranges close to $200.00 for high school and middle school students, and those supplies will hopefully make it through the first semester. Most teenagers and parents have plenty of things on their mind other than having enough money to buy school supplies, such as family, bills, and general life problems. Which makes it hard to start the school year off right. Donating school supplies will help take at least one worry away for these students.

School supplies are needed all across the nation, starting in August and even year-round, HELP OUT!  Make them worry less and succeed more! We are fighting the toughest battle right now in life and it’s called high school. Students need help, we can’t do it on our own. Please help students out and be the reason a child in elementary, middle, or high school feels more confident and successful every single day they go to school.

As teenagers, we face social problems because of our hair, looks, intelligence, and how we arrive at school. Please help make getting an education the easiest thing in our lives. Having that one notebook and that one pen or pencil can mean the world to a student on the first day. Make school one less worry for kids and donate to that teen in need who is trying their best to succeed.

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