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The Talent Department’s 2017 Accomplishments & 2018 Goals

The Talent Department’s 2017 Accomplishments & 2018 Goals

Submitted by: Kristen DuBose & Daria Levin

2017 has been quite a year for the Talent Department! Major initiatives were successfully launched, goals were crushed, and we all had fun throughout! From system launches to employee engagement programs to major life events, it’s safe to say the Talent Department knows how to Get. Things. Done. and impact the careers and lives of our team members throughout the Company!

One important goal we achieved was the creation of a Talent Department Mission Statement. Creating a Mission Statement helped us to remember our main objectives within the department – to find, hire, and engage top talent – as well as our contributions to the Company’s mission and slogan: “Helping People is Our Business”. It also served to further unite the team, not only in our goals, but as professionals who, simply stated, are like family and have each other’s backs.

Then there was the successful launch of the TEAM UP Mentor Program, which has connected team members across different departments, states, knowledge bases, and levels of experience to share their knowledge, learn from each other, and grow as a result. We also launched our Succession Planning process and a High Potential Program, which has provided additional learning and development opportunities to team members who have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and abilities to fill critical leadership roles in the future. These have been some of our most exciting and engaging initiatives rolled out this year, and we look forward to truly seeing the impact it has on our team members’ careers.

Another exciting accomplishment was the ability for candidates to apply right in our stores, and the shortening of our application process. Imagine walking into a store with your resume, interviewing with a manager, and then being able to submit your application right then and there! This type of ease and efficiency is what we’re all about!

Besides these exciting additions, the Talent Acquisition Team developed stronger strategic partnerships with our executive leadership, leading to key hires being made, increased promotions, and all kinds of opportunities for our team members both in the stores and at our corporate offices. For example, we’ve expanded store operations recruitment by adding new positions, and the Talent Management Team was able to create and launch a General Manager Trainer Certification. And not to be forgotten, was the launch of TMX Project SERV – our commitment to providing employment opportunities to our honored military veterans. This initiative hit close to home for many team members and it was amazing to see our Company rally together to recognize and champion the importance of this program. Hearing the stories from our current military veteran team members was impactful to all.

In the major life events category, three team members welcomed baby Talent team members into the world, we’ve had tons of promotions, invited new Recruiting professionals into our family, our Senior Talent Systems and Analytics Manager won the Southbound Brewery Wing Sauce competition, and we all learned (or re-learned) how to tweet!

So, what are we looking forward to in 2018? Let’s just say there will be no shortage of exciting program continuations or launches, process improvements, technology enhancements, and team member engagement initiatives. For example, the team will be getting a new Applicant Tracking System which promises to simplify the hiring process, and the team will be focusing not only on 2017’s programs such as TMX Project SERV, but also on new strategic initiatives including Bilingual Recruiting, College Recruiting, and Women in Leadership (#girlboss).

Besides those recruiting focuses, we’ll also be introducing new corporate and multi-unit Learning & Development plans, optimizing Store Learning & Development programs, making enhancements to the TEAM UP Mentor Program, and continuing to build our awesome Badges & Feedback Program which allows employees the opportunity to recognize their team members’ work and accomplishments by awarding them virtual badges.

Talk about ambitious plans for the new year! But no worries – again, this is a team that Gets Things Done, so 2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the TMX Finance® Family of Companies!

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