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National Mentoring Day

National Mentoring Day

We are continuing our celebration of National Mentoring Month all January long! Today is International Mentoring Day and the perfect opportunity to share some of our success stories with the TEAM UP Mentorship Program! See below for words from our participants!

“Having an experienced advisor to bounce ideas off and receive feedback from has been invaluable to my personal growth.”

“My mentor has been a fantastic match! She is personable and gives great advice and guidance. The best part is I feel that I am gaining a friend out of this experience.”

“I look forward to my weekly meetings with my mentor. The sessions are always insightful, positive, and motivational.”

“My mentor has been great! She has been able to help me start to tackle some pretty big issues/tasks AND provide really good insight on them as well! She has made me look at the situations from a different angle – which is a good thing!”

“It’s a great opportunity for me to share my experience as well as learn and grow myself.”

“My mentor has been able to help improve my leadership skills and guide me on multiple scenarios. I am glad to have someone to talk to that I know I can trust and will give me honest feedback.”

“I feel that this program is very helpful for people like myself that want to move up in the Company.”

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