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4 Steps to Igniting Your Career Love

4 Steps to Igniting Your Career Love

February is the month of love. A time where we show gratitude and extra attention to our loved ones, our spouses, and our families. It can also be a great time to show your career some love, too! Our careers can be considered a huge part of how we define ourselves. We love to show our gratitude to others, but it’s important we celebrate our careers, as well!

Just over a year ago, I started my career with TMX Finance® Family of Companies. It was a scary transition because I thought I truly loved my previous position and company. I was encouraging others to continue their education and I had a great relationship with my team. But something was missing. You know, similar to that relationship we’ve all been in at one point in our lives. The one that looks great on paper and everyone is rooting for; the one where all the pieces were aligned, you felt comfortable, and it just simply worked. But was that the “forever one”. Did that person invest time in your growth or challenge you to take risks? I was with my previous company for 2 years and it quickly became a job that I loved, a position that was comfortable. It looked great on paper and I mastered the role. However, when I envisioned my future with that company I saw myself in the same role and complacency would set in without any real challenges. I quickly realized this wasn’t the love for me. I wanted to be with a company where I could envision something more. I wanted a career.

A year later at TMX Finance Family® of Companies I received my first promotion. I say “first” because I can now see my future. My career path is not set in stone, but this company has ignited my passion. My department leaders challenge me constantly and my colleagues encourage me to set bigger goals every day. Passion was the missing piece that combats the sense of just being comfortable. I am passionate that I have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. I am passionate about the future of this company and how my role can make an impact.

Was the transition a scary decision? Of course! Leaving a job that you love in hopes of loving your next is a risk, but it is a risk worth taking! From my experience, I created a list of tips to help you transition from one love to the next:

  1. ‘Type’ of Love– Every risk, every challenge, every goal must start with a vision. Envision yourself in your next role. What does the company offer that will feed your hunger for growth, motivation, and happiness? Is It the perks, the training programs, or the flexible schedule? Whatever it may be, you need to understand the ‘type’ of love you need.
  2. Leap of Faith– Take a chance! Have the courage to make the change and remain optimistic through the first days of training as they may seem overwhelming and unfamiliar. Make a friend. Put yourself out there to start to develop new friendships with your co-workers. Grab a coffee and ask for advice in areas that may seem confusing.
  3. Group Date– ‘Good people, know good people’ Refer your previous co-workers or friends! What you love about the company is probably the same thing your referrals will love about it too.
  4. The past is the past– Find your passion and don’t look back. Your past experiences are the driving force that led you to your new love, but your future has just begun.

You have a passion, find a way to ignite it. Challenge yourself to achieve more by getting out of the comforts of your job and stepping into a career you truly love.

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