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Define Your Drive: My Transition Into the Working World

Define Your Drive: My Transition Into the Working World

I have worked at TMX Finance® Family of Companies for almost 2 years now, and have held a few different titles so far! I started out as the Front Desk Coordinator, moved to the Corporate Operations Coordinator position, and I am now the Talent Program Coordinator in the Talent Acquisition department!

When I graduated from Georgia Southern University (Go Eagles!) with a marketing degree in May of 2017, I honestly had no idea what I was going to do. I had interviews here and there, but my initial plan was to stay in Savannah and the offers I received before graduation were nowhere close to here. After graduation, I started searching on Indeed and LinkedIn like crazy, as any freshly graduated/unemployed gal would do. As I was scrolling through job sites, the name TMX Finance® Family of Companies kept popping up. Along with being contacted one semester short of graduating for a position that was open, I decided to take a look. Some connections were made, and I eventually ended up interviewing and accepting my first out of college position as the Front Desk Coordinator for TMX Finance® Family of Companies.

Now, even though professors “try” to prepare you for the working world as much as they can, I feel as if nothing can truly prepare you for the corporate life except real world experiences.  I am grateful to have some professors who would sit down with me, critique my resume until it was covered in pen marks, and talk me through mock interviews to get me out of my shell and show a future employer how much I can shine. Even though those aspects of college could help me nail the interview, things such as customer service, teamwork, and a lot of patience came from my previous work experiences in the service industry during college. Although college cannot fully prepare you for any obstacle you may face, the guidance that comes with the classes you take definitely doesn’t hurt.

One piece of advice I would give to someone graduating from college and entering the Corporate world would be to stick to your goals but be flexible with how you reach them. Your goal is to find a rewarding career but you never know what position you will end up with or where you will go. A lot of students who go to school for a specific degree do not earn a career in that field; that’s okay! Use your first position as a stepping stone to your dream career. Gaining the workplace experience is key. You never know what opportunities may lie ahead once you get your foot in door.

Two years later, I am still glad that I took the leap of faith and that brought me to the TMX Finance® Family of Companies. I even had the opportunity to go to my Alma Mater and speak with students on my experience transitioning into the working world. The knowledge I have gained, the opportunities I have been given, and the people I get to work with are second to none. I love my #TMXFamily!

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