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Women at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies Making History

Women at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies Making History

At the TMX Finance® Family of Companies, we are committed to providing an inclusive and diverse environment where Team Members feel empowered to be their authentic selves at work while advancing their career. This Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting our newest all women team. Our Field Operations Training Managers have a passion for developing the skills of others. They deliver impactful learning solutions that help our Team Members to then provide an exceptional customer service experience and outstanding business results through influence, coaching, and valuable suggestions to further enhance our learning and development initiatives.

Meet Kilynn Davis, Jessica Steward, Argelia Hernandez, and Megan Peveto, some of our women at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies making history.

Tell us about your growth with the Company and how you became a Field Operations Training Manager.

“Growth and opportunity are two words that resonate with me when I think about my time with [the] TMX Finance® Family of Companies. I was given the opportunity to build a Field Operations Training team with a small vision, and it became so much more. We were looking for internal candidates who were stand-outs in their field and who would be willing to go the extra mile. Having the opportunity to build out a new role, a new team, and watch them grow empowers me every day.”MP, Associate Director Store Ops Training

Read more about Megan’s career growth to see what’s possible for YOU:

“I started six years ago and was recruited by a District Director of Operations who had worked with me in another position previously. I was hired as a General Manager Trainee where I was expected to be a leader but felt there were some challenges in my first few years in the role. I took it upon myself to learn more about the role and those who had come before me, which is how I became a Certified General Manager Trainer in my district. When the role for a Field Operations Training Manager opened up, I was persistent about joining the team because I had learned a lot, was passionate about sharing my knowledge, and felt the team would elevate my skills.” Argelia Hernandez, Field Operations Training Manager

“After deciding I was ready for a career change, I started as a Customer Service Representative [at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies] in 2013. As a very ‘grab the bull by the horns’ person, I knew I wanted to grow and move forward in this company. I was very self-propelled, which helped me work my way up to a General Manager. District Director of Operations was the next natural step in my store operations growth journey (and I was fully prepared for it!), but when the opportunity to join field operations team was presented to me, I knew it was my chance to lead in a different way. This is a dream job for me. Because we are a team that came from the stores, we represent field operations, and we are able to speak and coach to that experience.” Kilynn Davis, Field Operations Training Manager

“I started as a Customer Service Representative nine years ago and worked my way up to a General Manager. My love of training started when I was a Store Manager and was given the opportunity to train people in my district—I loved the impact! I was able to grow my leadership and public speaking skills a lot through these peer training responsibilities and was constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I was excited to be selected out of all the other qualified candidates and was immediately interested in joining this team!” – Jessica Steward, Field Operations Training Manager

What has been a source of empowerment during your time at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies?

“Watching other women and observing how they speak and act has been a huge inspiration. Glenn Hebert, a Regional Vice President, has also been a mentor and a champion of female leadership in the Company. He’s taught me about accountability and that it’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them to grow.” JS

How has working alongside women helped you in your personal or professional development?

“Diversity comes in different forms, including skills. This team offers so many different skill sets that I – and even you – can learn from. Everyone on our team is really good at something that someone else may be lacking, so we really work together to build each other up.”AH

You train a lot of women within the organization; what are some common themes you see while training women in the organization?

“From my experience, female leaders are very driven, passionate, knowledgeable, problem-solving oriented, always looking for solutions, and make great trainers because they tend have a nurturing mentality.” JS

“[I see] a quickness to ownership. You see this a lot with our trainers and leadership team, and the women we train hold so much ownership in what happens and how they deal with things.” KD

What has been your most empowering moment with the organization?

“Since I have joined the [Human Capital team], there has been this aura of female empowerment and support in general. Lindsey Reed Smith, the Company’s Chief People Officer, helps foster an empowering workplace because she not only leads as a mom, but also as someone who has faced adversity yet is still understanding. She allows us to be our true selves as well as be present in our lives outside of work. When my leaders show up and power through the day, those moments inspire me to give 100% and then some. I feel like I have always had a voice. Even if someone disagreed, they still heard me. If I feel like I am not heard, I will stand up, shout, and throw my arms around. There is not one specific moment I can think of that has been the most empowering. Every day I feel empowered.” MP

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