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Meet Our Women Leaders: Tensleigh Beck

Meet Our Women Leaders: Tensleigh Beck

Over the past 13 years with the TMX Finance® Family of Companies, the most special part for me has been the people: leadership, peers, and customers alike. I always keep an open mind to learn something from everyone, and my end goal is for everyone to leave an interaction with me with a huge smile on their face. All the people at the Company matter, and they deserve to feel the same happiness and joy they bring me.

When I started in 2010, I joined the Company as a Customer Service Representative, an entry-level position. After my initial 90 days concluded, I was promoted to be the Store Manager at a location much closer to my home. I stayed the Store Manager at this location for two years, and was then promoted to be the General Manager at TitleMax® in Fort Payne, AL. I grew so much as a General Manager in Fort Payne, and the Company recognized that! So, I was given the opportunity take on a larger store location in Albertville, AL as their General Manager. I have been in this location for nine years, and I am so ready for the next steps in my career!

In 2022, all my success and growth efforts paid off, and I was recognized as the General Manager of the Year for the whole Company! This is a huge accomplishment for me. The win, however, was not just for me, but for my whole team. As a Certified General Manager Trainer, my proudest accomplishments are seeing all of my Team Members and trainees go on to be successful in their own right at their positions  and seeing them love this career as much as I do. This is a very rewarding career for me.

I can truly say this company allows and gives you opportunities for so many empowering moments in your career. The Company makes me feel empowered to make decisions that benefit myself, my customers, and the entire Company. Any time I have the option to be involved in something outside my “job description,” I always feel very empowered by my leadership and know that my opinion and ideas matter here.

I couldn’t be where I am today in my career without the many people that have helped me along the way. The top few that really stick out, and who have gone above and beyond, are my District Director, Hunter McBride, and our Field Operations Talent Management team, Kate Andersen and Amanda Barnes. Hunter always has his Team Members’ best interest at heart; both business and personal goals of his Team Members are very important to him, and it shows! He has taught me so much about making the correct business decisions and how to make a family out of my peers. Kate and Amanda have also had a huge impact on my development. They are amazing and are always here to help me understand the next steps and talk me through any issues or concerns. All three really allow me to be myself and lead me in the right direction.

Throughout my career journey, I’ve learned a lot! If I could go back to the beginning and give myself advice, the advice I’d give myself would be to take time. Take time on learning; take time on lunch breaks. Take the PTO, days off, and early days. Learning and developing takes time, so sit back and soak it all in. Burnout can, and will, happen if you don’t take time for yourself. Don’t rush through it and prioritize your work life balance. The Company supports family time as much as work time, so make sure that you balance the two properly.

For those looking to join the TMX Finance® Family of Companies as a manager, my advice is to put a lot of time and effort into training your team. They are so valuable to your success, and if you don’t give them the training and development they deserve, then you are hurting yourself and them. Accountability isn’t a bad thing; it helps you and your team. Furthermore, not holding yourself and your team accountable hurts everyone involved. Have those tough and uncomfortable conversations and watch how everyone grows. I would also say to always have your team’s best interest at heart, and lead with love!

I’m looking forward to what is next for me here! My personal goal for my future is to focus on my career as well as my personal development. I want to be able to continue growing and be the leader that my team needs me to be consistently so that, when the time comes to progress in my career, I will be as prepared as possible!

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