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When Your Career Plan Changes

When Your Career Plan Changes

Read about how our current Veterans have transitioned their military skills and experience into successful business careers.

Submitted by: Jim Vaughan, United States Navy IC3  Senior VP Operations – East

I wouldn’t trade anything for the time I spent in the Navy. When asked, I always say the Navy provided me with the two greatest experiences in my life. During my enlistment, I learned the true value of education and I met my wife who was attending college where I was stationed.

Growing up, I was always curious about how things worked and operated. If it made a sound or produced a video, I just had to take it apart to see what made it operate. That inquisitive nature is what attracted me to the Navy. Once I joined, I became an Interior Communications Electrician where I learned how to read schematics, test and repair alarm systems, telephones, TV, radio systems, optical landing systems, and many other pieces of equipment. Most people do not realize just how intense the academic training can be in our Armed Services. In fact, many new enlistees spend their first 1 to 3 years going to school full time before serving in a particular role. So, with all of my specialized training, when I transitioned out of the Navy, I knew exactly what my new career would be.

As time in the military starts to wind down, however, there is something unique that happens with most people. Doubt starts to creep in; thoughts like, will I be able to find a job, what happens if I can’t, will anyone take a chance on me, are my skills and leadership traits really good enough for the “real world”? I don’t think I was unique in my skepticism, and today I think that many of our military veterans go through similar emotional anxieties.

Even though I had some of these feelings of anxiety when I was transitioning out of the Navy, I knew exactly how my training would apply to civilian life. I thought I knew for certain that I would become an electrician. All of that changed one day when someone mentioned to me that I should consider selling electronics versus repairing them. They went on to say that you can always make a great living if you can learn to sell something you are passionate about, and that piece of advice ended up changing my plan and my entire life.

If I could share any words of advice to veterans considering a career with our Company, it would be this: it doesn’t matter what your rate, rating, MOS, or specialty was because what truly matters are the intangible leadership skills you gained during your enlistment. You learned to value training, give more than you’re asked for, not to give up at the first sign of difficulty, work as a team, work cross-functionally, anticipate the next move, get up early, stay until the job is complete, accountability, responsibility, and most of all, how to get results. And at this Company, those are the exact skills we are looking for!

Since I left the military, I have never held a position where I wasn’t paid for my performance. Getting results is exactly what we are all about at the TMX Finance Family of Companies. As a veteran, you have the leadership skills and traits we desire; partnered with our know-how, we can make a great team!

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