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When “Thank You” Doesn’t Feel Grand Enough

When “Thank You” Doesn’t Feel Grand Enough

During November, the month of thanks, the TMX Finance® Family of Companies reserves time to honor and appreciate our veteran and military family Team Members. We believe one of the best ways to honor military members is to hire them and provide the guidance they need to excel in the civilian workforce. Through our TMX Project SERV commitment, we hire, coach, and retain veterans as well as military family members, providing them  connection, camaraderie, and leadership opportunities similar to the growth support they received during their military service.

Often times, a simple “Thank You” may not feel it fits the bill for the grand scale of sacrifices veterans and military families have made and continue to make in order to protect our freedom, but it’s a great start! This month, some of our veteran and military family Team Members are sharing their advice and ways on how you can turn your words of “Thank You” into action.  

Support Through Volunteering

“I honor veterans by being an avid volunteer in my veteran community. I volunteer at the local VA hospital providing Vet-to-Vet companionship. Each veteran is paired with someone who has had similar military experiences to provide support during times they need it the most.” Olga Hunn, General Manager & US Army Veteran

Setting The Standard

“I celebrate my fellow veterans and service members by ensuring I set a good example and standard for myself, which will eventually become the standard of how the community sees them. I also provide volunteer service [to veterans and service members] where I can.” Carlos Ransom, Jr., General Manager & US Army 82nd Airborne Division Veteran

“22 A Day”

“I am a member of the Til Valhalla Project that advocates for military members who have either lost their lives to suicide or have contemplating suicide. Their motto is ‘22 A Day’, [which signifies] 22 pushups a day in order to raise awareness for the [on average] 22 veterans a day who take their own lives.” Deidre Paez, Legal Projects Specialist & Military Spouse


“I reflect on my comrades that we lost in battle, and on those who come back but left a part of who they are on the battlefield. I always remember that none of my comrades were drafted or required to serve this country; they all volunteered. And whatever their reason is for volunteering, they put themselves in harm’s way to protect the freedoms of their families, friends, and strangers. I reflect on the men and women that trained beside me in the rain, sleet, heat, and snow. Those who we argued with, and even fought with, during training. BUT, when the rubber met the road, you KNEW these same individuals would take a bullet for you.” Kendrick Jones, Manager of Information Security & US Air Force Veteran

Treat of Gratitude

“I always thank veterans that have served, and, if I’m at a restaurant or Starbucks®, I like to treat them.” Twyanna Callahan, General Manager & US Air Force Veteran

Connecting With Friends

“I personally celebrate service members and veterans each year by meeting up with friends from the Navy. We love to commiserate and laugh about old times (and maybe see how much we have aged since then).” Crystal Allen, ACV Supervisor I & US Navy Veteran

We love seeing how our Team Members honor and appreciate the veterans and military family members in their lives. We encourage you to share your gift of gratitude with us on social media and use the hashtag #TMXProjectSERV.

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