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Team Bielss for the Win on Father’s Day!

Team Bielss for the Win on Father’s Day!

A Special Post

President, Mentor, Dad, Poppy- these are all the names that our Company President, Otto Bielss, goes by these days. We see him as our fearless leader, carrying us through the business day and setting a shining example of what it takes to succeed. His passion for the TMX Finance Family of Companies runs a very close second to the love he has for the ones who call him Dad and Poppy, and for that we are very lucky and happily concede to taking 2nd place.

If you follow Otto on social media, you can easily see his leadership style stems from a “team” mentality. As our President and “Head Coach”, he has created a vivid picture of our Company’s future, where it is heading, and what it will stand for. His vision provides us with a strong sense of purpose and direction so we can work together as a team using our minds and our hearts to achieve results.

His focus on “team” extends to his personal life where he plays his most important role as father and grandfather. His love for his children and grandchildren runs deep and he instilled a “team mentality” with his family from the beginning. According to his son, “He is the one person I look up to the most and never want to disappoint, he is also my mentor through all of life’s challenges. Besides my own son- there is no one else I would rather go to a sporting event with- and yes, that’s a big deal in our family!  And, if someone asked me if I could enjoy a drink with anyone in the world who would it be? Besides Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks (I couldn’t pass that up), it would be with my old man.”

A love for Cowboys football and Dallas Mavericks basketball has been instilled into his children and now his grandchildren by watching games sitting on Poppy’s knee. Before his grandkids could walk, they knew when a sporting game was coming on TV, who they were going to cheer with, and exactly what team they were cheering for! The best part of watching football with Poppy is coming in for a family group hug and yelling, “Go Bielss! Ready, Break!”.

Igniting imaginations and dreaming big are part of what he has taught his children and now his grandkids. Experiencing Disney World the “Bielss Way” is extra special and just one of the ways that Otto instills a sense of adventure and wonder that has helped to shape his entire family.

As his work family, we may not get to go to Disney World with him, but we do get to experience his passion for dreaming big and meeting challenges with enormous, imaginative solutions. We go big, or we go home around here- our ideas are pushed to the limits and then pushed even further because he knows what we are capable of and he challenges our teams to think bigger and produce great results.

To our President and Head Coach, we say- Happy Father’s Day and thank you!

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