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National Mentoring Month: Build a Better You

National Mentoring Month:  Build a Better You

Your journey in the Team Up Mentoring Program can only be fruitful if given the right guidance, time, energy, and passion it deserves. When you choose to begin your journey with a company and they offer amazing programs that help you grow and develop, as well as help others, you’ve found yourself the GOAT! I am, of course, talking about the TMX Finance® Family of Companies. I began my career here over eight years ago. I have worked hard to build the best version of myself that I can with the Company. With the support of many great leaders, I continue this career journey even today! One of the most involved growth and development programs I have been able to participate in is the Team Up Mentoring Program. In this program, you are able to learn from many great leaders across the Company and are even able to spread your own knowledge to others as well! Let’s take a look at where this journey has led me, what it means to me, and what it could mean to you.

I have had the privilege of being a mentor to someone as well as learn from four different, amazing mentors. You may be wondering what would motivate you or I to be a part of this partnership program? Well, for me, it was simple. I want to do more. I always crave the ability to grow in my position and for myself. I want to inspire others to be their best, too. What better way to learn than to be inspired? Inspiration can come from most anywhere. Things like the movies you watch, the music you listen to, and most importantly, the people you surround yourself with. With the Company and the Team Up Mentoring Program, I have been given time to focus on my growth and inspiration while also inspiring others. I have even found inspiration from others just involved in the process. This program brings passionate people together. With that kind of capability, there’s no limit to what these relationships can accomplish!

Most recently I was vying for a position that spoke to me. It’s something I am very passionate about. My mentor, District Director of Operations in Texas, Anna Balderas, encouraged me, listened, and congratulated me along the way. It was a difficult decision because it was going to bring many changes and unknowns, but it was time for me to take the next step, and it has been an amazing one! I may have not made it through if I didn’t have the support of my mentor. Now we have a relationship that is a friendship. She is still one of my greatest supporters throughout my journey, and I am now able to assist her in a different capacity (training, anyone?).

I have formally had one mentee during my time in this program. It was amazing to see the excitement behind someone else’s growth. It is a beautiful thing to see others get passionate and care about their development. What truly inspires me, though, is aiding in the growth of those around me. I spent over five years as a General Manager with the Company. During my tenure, I witnessed so many coworkers grow into their amazing next steps! I have seen three people get promoted to General Manager themselves. The comradery and growth among district General Managers is also amazing to see. I was part of a strong network of General Managers that constantly helped each other, had each other’s backs, grew knowledge amongst each other, and were mentors/mentees to each other without even realizing it. I can only imagine what they each would accomplish being part of the Team Up Mentoring Program as well.

Arguably the most valuable thing I have taken from this program is to never deny yourself inspiration. It is all around you. It can come in an amazing formal program like Team Up, or it can be sitting right beside you every day. Always continue your journey of being inspired and grow emotionally, mentally, and in any other capacity you wish. It is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your career.

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