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Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

By: David Lonergan, General Manager, U.S Marine Corps

I joined the Marine Corps in 2004 after high school and served 8 years. In my time spent, I learned how to become a better leader by the core values of the Marine Corps: Honor, Courage, Commitment. In the Marine Corps I was deployed to Iraq, traveled to other countries, and went to different states. I got to see how other places were and learn from other cultures to expand my mind to help with new ways of teaching and learning.

When I started a family, I decided to leave the military. After my time was up, the first thing I thought about was job hunting and if my leadership skills would work in the civilian world. I had friends that left the military and they let me know my passion, hard work, and confidence would allow others to see my leadership skills in whatever job I got. When I applied at TitleMax in September of 2012, I had an interview two weeks later, was hired, and I started as a Customer Service Representative. In fourteen months, I was promoted three times and became a General Manager.

My last year in Marine Corps, I was a volunteer coordinator for the Hawaii Special Olympics and I found that volunteering makes a difference, builds bonds, and is fun. At TitleMax, I have been able to coordinate blood drives and Toys for Tots to make a difference, build bonds, and have fun while helping others.

I want everyone to know I did not have any job experience in this field, but because of the core values that I learned in the Marine Corps and the new skills I learned here at the Company, you can get promoted like I did and you will have a magnificent time with the TMX Family. The leadership skills that you have are highly valued and wanted here at the TMX Finance Family of Companies.

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