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Helping the Tennessee Wildfire Evacuees

Helping the Tennessee Wildfire Evacuees

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Brent Nelson, GM Morristown, TN

I can’t explain how I felt the morning I woke up to the horrific news about the wildfires destroying Gatlinburg, TN- a place that holds so many wonderful memories for so many of us.

I wanted to do something to help the victims who had to evacuate their homes so quickly and with little warning, so I rallied my team at our TitleMax store in Morristown, TN and we immediately sprang into action! We found out what items were needed at the shelters housing the wildfire evacuees and we spread the word that we were a collection point for donations.

Our community responded quickly and with the help of numerous businesses and individuals we were able to collect many different items. We collected toiletries, food, clothing, toys, pet food, bottled water, and household items that included pillows and quilts. Through all the devastation and feelings of being almost helpless in such a desperate time, if you could only see the huge smile on our faces each time someone dropped off an item or donated their time and energy to this effort, you’d see just how quickly it was to restore faith in the love and support that a community can show during a time of need, something we tend to overlook daily.

I can’t thank my team enough for all they did to organize this effort! We really came together to try and ease the pain of others and help supply them with some much-needed items. However, helping others is bigger than the items donated- it lets people know that we do care and we are there to help in their time of need. It also shows that we’ll be there as team when it’s time to rebuild.

This was truly a very humbling experience and it truly represents our state nickname, The Volunteer State…

This is TENNESSEE, This is US, This is how WE made a DIFFERENCE!

I urge all our store and corporate locations to always be the first to step up and help in your community in a time of need! We are here to help people anytime, all the time, and in any way we can! This is the TitleMax Way!

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