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Shout-Out to our Teams

Shout-Out to our Teams

Recently, the TMX Finance Family of Companies created a new Company website. We wanted to create a website that paints the full picture of what our Company is all about and what we do here every day. We want everyone to see how we help people and make a difference in the lives of our customers and our team members.

Throughout the new site, you will hear the words “family” and “team” – in our videos, in our TMX Ambassador testimonials, when reading about career opportunities, and more. We are very proud of the team-oriented, family environment we foster here at TMX. Today, we would like to give a special shout-out to our teams who worked so hard on creating this amazing new site. Hours of hard work and dedication were spent bringing the vision of this site to life; and, we could not be happier with the results they produced. Read about the contributing teams below and their involvement with this project; it was truly a team effort!

Video Production (Doug Cooper, Jamaal Jackson, Jason Davis, Jennifer Robinson, Helen Jerman)

The Video Production team is composed of some of the best talent in the industry, creating fun and informative videos from their fully equipped broadcast production studio. Many companies outsource video production, but because we believe so strongly in the power of video to engage and inspire our team members, we keep it all in-house. Video has the power to create a lasting impact, and this team is proud to tell the incredible stories that distinguish our team members and our Company. This team worked tirelessly on creating every video you will see on our new site!

Content Creation (Kristina Johnson, Jennifer Bilcze, Jamie Lane, Cat Vasarhelyi, Elizabeth Evans)

Every piece of content that you will read on our new site was created, edited, and perfected by these five incredible women. We wanted to create exciting and engaging content that would appeal to each person who visits our site. This is the voice of our Company; and they made us sound just as amazing as we are!

Project Management (Farrell Click, Denise Niyama)

This team was a key instrument in creating the new site. Farrell and Denise were tasked with making sure that each phase of the project was completed on time and each team was working diligently to complete their tasks! Without this team keeping everyone on track, this project would not have been as successful.

Web Development (Carly Hallman, Adam Weston, Jill Bisso, Scott Kublin)

The Digital Marketing team is responsible for the planning, designing, and actual creation of this site. They are a cross-functional team who worked together to ensure seamless delivery of the new site. Without their artistic vision and analytical minds, this site could not have been created. A special thank you to this team for all of the hours put into creating this new site. You guys nailed it!


We encourage you to dive into our new site and learn all about our world-class teams – watch videos, browse jobs, meet team members, and much much more!

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