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The GMs Tell All: Gregory Ludwig

The GMs Tell All: Gregory Ludwig

We’re excited to launch a new video series based on our recent GM Town Hall Meetings. The internal Company videos are a compilation of several Town Hall style meetings our Company President, Otto Bielss, held virtually with our store operations team members across the country. The General Managers asked the questions and our leadership team was ready with the answers! These are unscripted meetings where our team members discuss their ideas, ask questions, or share concerns. Read about some of our team members who participated in the meetings as they share their experience.

Submitted by: Gregory Ludwig, General Manager, TM- Savannah 1

I found the GM Town Hall Meeting that I participated in to be extremely productive. The fact that our executive leadership team is willing to get on camera to answer real, unfiltered, unscripted questions from our Store Operations team tells you that we are being led with transparency and integrity. Once these videos are shared with the whole TMX Finance Family, they will serve as an excellent source of unfiltered communication from our Company President to our team members.

During the meeting, I asked Otto to discuss the Company’s vision for upcoming strategic initiatives. With complete candor, he talked about the timeline for each program’s rollout, how they will benefit the Store Operations team, and the positive impact they will have on our customers going forward.

It was an honor to represent my team with this project. I hope that everyone who watches the video will find it as beneficial as I did.

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