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The GMs Tell All: Andrew Hilsabeck

The GMs Tell All: Andrew Hilsabeck

We’re excited to launch a new video series based on our recent GM Town Hall Meetings. The internal Company videos are a compilation of several Town Hall style meetings our Company President, Otto Bielss, held virtually with our store operations team members across the country. The General Managers asked the questions and our leadership team was ready with the answers! These are unscripted meetings where our team members discuss their ideas, ask questions, or share concerns. Read about some of our team members who participated in the meetings as they share their experience.

Submitted by: Andrew Hilsabeck, General Manager, Fredrickburg-2

Being a part of the GM Town Hall meeting was extraordinary! It was an honor to be chosen to represent my district, region, and division. My favorite part of the Town Hall was the question and answer aspect with Otto. Hearing about the direction of the Company and the positive things that are going on behind the scenes was very enlightening to hear. I enjoyed learning about the interactions within all of the Company departments to help us grow our businesses. I truly felt different about the support team after hearing the direction of the Company directly from the top.

I asked Otto about the direction of our technology and it was very energizing to learn not only where we have been, but where we are going. We have made many significant strides in the last few years with technology that has saved our stores hours of time. To hear that we have just “scratched the surface” is very motivating! I encourage anyone who is able to be involved in a Town Hall to take advantage of this positive experience!

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