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The GMs Tell All: Matthew Fredrick

The GMs Tell All: Matthew Fredrick

We’re excited to launch a new video series based on our recent GM Town Hall Meetings. The internal Company videos are a compilation of several Town Hall style meetings our Company President, Otto Bielss, held virtually with our store operations team members across the country. The General Managers asked the questions and our leadership team was ready with the answers! These are unscripted meetings where our team members discuss their ideas, ask questions, or share concerns. Read about some of our team members who participated in the meetings as they share their experience.

Submitted by: Matthew Fredrick, General Manager, Charleston, SC

I had a great experience being a part of the GM Town Hall Meeting. It is such a rare thing to be a part of since there are so many awesome GMs and I was truly grateful for the opportunity! I was so impressed with how the meeting was set up and I really liked that I could hear and see each participant, along with our President, Otto Bielss, and VP of Talent Acquisition, Lindsey Reed Smith. The meeting was very relaxed, calm, and laid back, which really added to the overall experience. I enjoyed that the meeting was an open forum to discuss anything that was on our minds!

My favorite thing about this meeting was all the information I was able to take away from it. Not only information about the Company from Otto and Lindsey, but also information from the other GMs who participated.

Before the meeting officially started everyone was discussing different things around team work and team building. It was wonderful to see how important team work is to everyone around the country. I took away a lot of information that I found valuable and was able to share within my District. It was exciting to hear about upcoming things directly from our President!

Overall this was a super exciting opportunity and I cannot say enough about how honored I was to be able to participate. In all my years working with other companies, I never saw something like this being done. It truly shows how much our leadership team believes in our future and my career.

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