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Gaining More Knowledge

Gaining More Knowledge

Submitted by: Shannon Beasley, Director of Corporate Recruiting

To me, the word “mentor” means growth; both personally and professionally!  I have had the opportunity to participate in our Company mentor program as a mentor and now as a mentee.  As a mentor, I enjoyed being a part of someone’s career development and helping them to grow through gaining more knowledge in a particular area of the Company.  And now, my mentor is doing the same for me. 

As part of our Talent Acquisition team, my focus has been solely on identifying top talent to join our Company and through the mentorship program, I am getting exposure to more of the traditional Human Resources side of the business.  As I gain exposure to this side of the business, this is going to help me not only become more knowledgeable in my current position but also help me to become more of a Business Partner!  I truly value being part of an organization that wants to take time to invest in me and MY growth!  TEAM UP is a wonderful program and I encourage everyone to join!

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