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Celebrating Women Veterans at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies

Celebrating Women Veterans at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies

The TMX Finance® Family of Companies takes pride in honoring our military and veteran Team Members year-round. For Military Appreciation Month in May, we highlight our military-connected Team Members’ skills and how they blend seamlessly into the Company. We also host a military member career day as well as a care package collection drive throughout the month’s duration to help support our local military communities nationwide. In June, we continue our celebration of who makes the TMX Finance® Family of Companies the success it is today – our women veterans! Women Veterans Day on June 12th is a dedicated time for the Company to recognize our women veterans’ service to the country and to the TMX Finance® Family of Companies.

Beyond service, we know our women veterans bring unmatched problem-solving and decision-making skills that both support our teams and help propel their careers forward. We’re honored to hire, develop, and work alongside women veterans because they bring transferable skills, discipline, and a sense of teamwork to the organization.

“[The] TMX Finance® Family of Companies is a great place to build a career for veterans because not only do we actively recruit veterans, but the experience and attributes you learned from the military are celebrated and can help you promote up through the ranks of the Company.” – Crystal Allen, ACV Supervisor II

 We’re committed to nurturing their careers and creating equal opportunities through mentorship, employee resource groups, and leadership development programs. Our goal is to ensure the transition from military career to a civilian one is seamless and valuable.

“I think [the] TMX [Finance® Family of Companies] is a great place to build a career for veterans and military families because the Company gives you patience and flexibility. I believe veterans here are always given a fair chance at a job position, and I think that is so important because sometimes the transition from military to a civilian career can be hard and defeating.” – Marlayna Dowdy, Media Buyer

“Many veterans and military members find it difficult to work in a civilian career, but [the TMX Finance® Family of Companies] has a ton of patience, respect, and understanding of the difficult transition.” – Carmen Sprinkle, Store Manager

Our mission is to help people. We strive every day to create opportunities for our customers needing financial assistance as well as opportunities for our Team Members to grow their career and make a difference. The TMX Finance® Family of Companies features a mission mentality, thrives on teamwork, and is built on trust and integrity.

“We still have the structure we had while in the service; there is always a mission to be accomplished. Your team is just like your battle buddy – they support you and you support them to accomplish our mission of helping people every day.” – Melisa Kelley, General Manager

“I believe the Company understands the unique circumstances that veterans and their families face on a daily basis and recognize their skills and knowledge across a wide range of disciplines, realizing all that they bring to the team. I can say I have very supportive and helpful co-workers and management, and their support helps me as well as others integrate into regular civilian life.” – Tori Steichen, Store Manager

TMX Project SERV: Securing Employment for Respected Veterans is the Company’s comprehensive commitment to recruit, hire, and develop veterans, transitioning and reserve service members, as well as military family members into integral Team Members through customized development plans and programs, guidance and resources, ample advancement opportunities, position-specific coaching and training, and encouragement.

To learn more about our commitment to support those who serve, visit our website. To see how the TMX Finance® Family of Companies is recognized for our military member hiring and development efforts, read more about our awards.

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