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Being a Mentor is an Honor

Being a Mentor is an Honor

Submitted by: Victor Johnson, Director of Contact Center

I have had the honor of being a mentor in the TEAM UP Program for three different mentees in the past nine months. TEAM Up is special to me because I have been mentored by a few very important people at critical stages of my life and career, so I can appreciate the value in such a program.

My first mentee has grown quite a bit since we were connected back in November 2017. She was not very outspoken and was not sure how to get motivated about advancing her career. Now, she is viewed as a leader among her peers, she has been recognized as a consistent top performer, and she has developed life goals that have excited her about the possibilities ahead.

These types of victories are the reason why I enjoy mentoring. Seeing that ‘Ah-Ha’ moment in someone, where they begin to view the world differently. It also is a reminder for me to continue to sharpen my saw and stay excited about the possibilities for my future. We all should have and become a mentor! What a pleasure to work for an organization that understands this concept.

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