Our people. Fueled by passion and driven to succeed, team members bring their talent and diverse perspectives to work every day. Our teams are growing and opportunities abound for those who are ready to take the next step in their careers. If you’re a part of the TMX Finance Family of Companies, we don’t want you to simply show up at work, we want you to come here and thrive.

Team Support Is Our Business

Supporting our team members is one of our most important jobs and we are deeply invested in each person’s growth and development. Through training, coaching, mentoring, and volunteering opportunities – our hope is to inspire and encourage our team to make a difference in our customers’ lives and within their local communities.

The New Team Member Program helps foster a smooth transition into our Company for our newest team members. We provide a comprehensive New Hire Training Plan where each team member is placed on a customized career path. It’s our way of helping our newest team members meet their new challenges with confidence!

Team members complete their Career Profile on the TMX Success Portal, which then gives them the power to share their professional talents, skills, and career objectives with their managers and the Workforce Planning team. They are then set-up on a clearly defined career path and can take part in mentoring, coaching, and leadership development to help advance their career.

In this program, leadership learning paths are created for high-achieving store operators. We combine a mix of e-learning modules, hands-on training, and coaching to prepare our best and brightest for their future careers within our organization.

It is vital to our success to build a workplace around great leadership. Our leaders are not only experts in their fields, they’re also driven to bridge the connection between a team member’s work and the organization’s mission. This mentorship-central mentality is what develops superb teams, motivates professional achievements, and sets us apart as an organization. 


Since its inception, our Company has achieved great feats in a short amount of time. Integral to that success has been the talented and innovative people striving every day to change road blocks into mere speed bumps, and dreams into reality. Our collaborative environment and team-focused mindset fosters creativity, progress, and advancement.


We firmly believe that personal growth is equally paramount to success and satisfaction as professional development. The TMX Finance Family of Companies not only cares for its team members, but also for the communities in which we live and work.