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The Store Operations High Potential Program: Developing Future Company Leaders

The Store Operations High Potential Program: Developing Future Company Leaders

Written by: Kate Andersen, Director of Succession Management

“High Potentials” are team members who possess the business acumen, vision, and leadership capabilities to become leaders within an organization. High Potentials (HiPos) are proven performers with three distinguishing attributes that allow them to rise and succeed in more senior and critical positions to the success of the Company. Those attributes include aspiration, ability, and engagement.

  • Aspiration – a team member’s desire for advancement, challenging work, and recognition in the organization.
  • Ability – a team member’s ability is illustrated not only by their success in performing and exceeding the expectations of their role, but in their technical and functional skillset, interpersonal skills, and emotional intelligence.
  • Engagement – a team member who is truly committed to an organization’s values and purpose, is willing to go “above and beyond,” and has a strong desire to stay and grow within the organization.

Phew, now that the definitions are out there – these high potential individuals are extremely important to our organization. These team members will be our successors… the future leaders in the Company.

Our High Potential program is part of the Succession Planning process and is all about learning and development. Leadership teams work with Workforce Planning to identify the team members who will participate in the program, and create a specific plan to help develop those team members. Participation in the program is based both on performance and on potential for future leadership within the Company.

Because selection for the program is based on those two main criteria, a “High Potential” designation is something that must continuously be earned – meaning that team members once designated as “High Potential” must continue to demonstrate aspiration, ability, and engagement if they are to remain part of the program.

Just a few of the development opportunities and activities available include: working on personal development goals; specific soft or hard skills training; cross-team or cross-departmental training; and job shadowing. Our HiPos also have the chance to participate in our Company Mentorship Program, TEAM Up!

We had the opportunity to pilot this program in September of 2017 with a small group of 10. This program has since grown, in total, to over 500 participants throughout our store operations. We hope to see this number continue to grow as individuals think about their career development within the TMX Finance® Family of Companies!

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