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New Year New Career

New Year New Career

With 2018 disappearing in the rear view, we find ourselves with a great opportunity to make 2019 all the things that 2018 wasn’t. Everyone has different goals they are reaching for during the year, but at the end of 2018 I found myself in a boat I think a lot of people have been in before. Working holiday schedules as well as weekends for many years had me aiming my efforts toward finding a position in which I could spend more time with my family. I knew I wanted a better balance between my work life and my personal life but leaving my position was intimidating. I had become very comfortable and had been successful with the company I was with, even receiving promotions. I still knew, however, that continuing my career in this work environment would not get me to a place with a more balanced schedule. I started searching for positions in familiar industries that would utilize my experience. I quickly realized that the work hours in these opportunities were similar or the same to my current role. I needed to make a change in 2019 and it wasn’t going to come without trying my best and really putting myself out there.

I started exclusively applying to positions I knew would fit what I was looking for in a new career. I even applied to places I didn’t meet the requirements for if the job posted looked like it would be something I would enjoy. The responses didn’t come right away but I kept trying, making sure I stayed focused on my original goal. When the call came from my recruiter to see if I might like a position with TMX Finance® Family of Companies, I was excited. My diligence had paid off and I was getting a chance to show what kind of an asset I am to a company I already knew met my personal requirements. Not only did the position have the hours I was looking for but the compensation was an improvement as well. I was offered the job and haven’t looked back. In trying to get more balanced hours in my career I found a position that has improved many other aspects of my work and personal development. I would encourage anyone considering a large career change in 2019 to take the bull by the horns and don’t let go.

Not everyone is looking for the same things in a new career. It might be compensation, growth opportunity, or in my case, time with family. These goals all start with change. These changes help us flourish and become the person we strive to be. Growth in my career started when I decided I was going to make a change happen and not just feel the effects of them. A houseplant that has grown large and healthy on the kitchen counter but has now outgrown its pot has gained what it can from its current environment. But in order to grow, it must experience change. We move the houseplant to the garden because if we don’t it will stop growing. I realized my growth had slowed, and in order to grow to my potential I needed a change of environment.

With an entire year of potential growth ahead of us, there is no time to waste. Don’t wait until tomorrow or next week or next month. Start today with changing the things about your career and go into 2019 with a plan of action for success. This is where achievements are made. Say yes to opportunities and don’t settle for less. Make 2019 the year you found your dream job no matter how hard it seems. With so many other changes 2019 will inevitably bring, why not make some yourself?

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