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Daria Levin named February TMX Ambassador!

Daria Levin named February TMX Ambassador!

Daria Levin

Congratulations to Daria Levin, Sr. Director of Talent Management, for being named February TMX Ambassador! Daria has spent many years with our Company. Here’s what she had to say about her journey with us:

“Our Company is one of a kind. Our CEO believes in creativity and with that, comes innovation.  We come to work every day knowing that as we continue to build our brands and products, one of our ideas may be brought to light and implemented Company-wide.  That’s extremely motivating for someone like me, who loves “thinking outside the box”.  It’s a special experience to see and be a part of a company that has tripled in size in a six year time span.  The experience I have gained from just being a part of this team is simply irreplaceable!

I started with the Company six years ago and have worn many hats. I joined the Company to help build our multi-unit recruitment strategy across the country and have held roles in both Executive Recruiting Management and Operations.  I was tapped on the shoulder in 2015 to help build out our first Succession and Workforce Planning department that focuses on our internal talent and ensures our team members are able to develop their leadership skills and reach their career goals.  I’m super pumped to join the Talent Management group as Sr. Director and look forward to another year of innovation!

One thing I love about our Company is its focus on development. We believe in development and we believe in preparing our team members for the next level.It’s our responsibility as leaders within the organization to help guide our team members along a career path that ultimately, allows them to reach their professional goals.  We’ve spent the last year or so working on programs that will do just that.This area is major focus for the Company this year.

Our culture here is fast-paced, creative, and sometimes right down to the deadline!  We slow down for no one!  My team is unique in that none of us are alike.  We come from all walks of life and each brings an extremely diverse view point when approaching new projects.  This tends to create amazing discussion and in the end, innovation.”

We love getting to hear from our ambassadors each month and hear all about their journeys. What a spectacular one Daria has had with us! We wish you many more years of success with the Company!

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