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#TMXCareerLove – Share Your Story

#TMXCareerLove – Share Your Story

As a 31-year-old wife and mother, I have always struggled with finding that perfect balance of having a career that would allow me time with my family. I love how this Company has given me that perfect balance that allows me to enjoy building my career while still maintaining my home life.

Being the wife of a first responder has its own set of challenges, but ones that have taught me to take each day as a blessing and to enjoy every day with no regrets. My son is by far my greatest accomplishment and my biggest blessing. So, it was important to me to never miss a moment with him, and with this career I don’t have to! I am so happy that I have finally found a career that understands family comes first. I hope my story shows that no matter where your road has taken you, YOU are the only one who can choose which way to go!

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