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Exciting Times as the TMX Finance Family of Companies Intern

Exciting Times as the TMX Finance Family of Companies Intern

Submitted by: Amira Mccall, Summer Intern

Hello everyone, my name is Amira McCall and I am the new TMX Summer Intern! I attend a local school in the Savannah district where I had the privilege to apply to the City of Savannah’s Summer 500 Program. This summer youth employment program partners with local companies to match 500 of Savannah’s youths with paid internships for 8 weeks. And that’s how I became your Intern!

Summer 500 helps prepare us for the business world by giving us the opportunity to gain real-world work experience. Before starting our internships, we went through an entire week of soft skills training where instructors helped us tap into abilities we already possess and taught us how we can use that training during our internships. They also had speakers each day to encourage us to push forward and gain as much as possible from the Summer 500 program and the company we would matched with.

One of the speakers who really made an impression on me was a former Harlem Globetrotter named Tyrone “Hollywood” Brown. He spoke to us on the last day of our soft skills training and talked about his life and how growing up he always wanted to be a Harlem Globetrotter. Even though every basketball team he tried out for cut him, Mr. Tyrone didn’t let that stop him. He told us how he went to the basketball court all day every day to improve himself and his jump shots. Even when complications came his way, he didn’t let that slow him down because he knew deep in his heart he would become a Harlem Globetrotter. I knew out of all the speakers we heard that week, his story would stick with me the most through my journey of life. His determination for success was truly inspiring.

I look forward to my journey as a TMX Summer Intern. I hope that you ALL will watch my journey on the TMX Finance Family of Companies’ Twitter page using the hashtag #TMXSummerIntern!

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