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Teaming Up to Make Things Happen!

Teaming Up to Make Things Happen!

Submitted by: Kate Andersen, Mentor Program Manager 

“World-Class talent doesn’t just happen, it is nurtured, grown, and developed. Our culture is what directs our future and it’s important that we take the responsibility seriously and pass it along every single day.”  Otto Bielss

We believe that connecting high-performing and driven individuals with successful Company leaders allows our team members to grow and further develop in their careers and in their personal lives. That’s why we created Team Up — to help our team members make things happen!

Team Up is a mentor program designed to connect experienced Company leaders with rising talent within the organization. The program offers a structured setting for mentor/mentee relationship building and coaching.

Mentors have the opportunity to encourage and advise their mentees, helping to contribute toward their overall personal and professional growth. These leaders provide powerful insight into our collaborative culture and work with mentees helping them to develop their own strategies for growth.

Mentees have the opportunity to draw on the experiences, skills, and expertise of Company leaders through various methods including mentoring meetings and career and personal development training. Mentees are challenged to bring new ideas and a unique perspective to their assignments, while mentors coach them on the best way to achieve their career goals.

We know that success starts with our team members, and we are focused on providing avenues for their growth and development. The Team Up program seeks to accomplish the following:

  • Provide participants with leadership and personal development opportunities
  • Foster open communication and dialogue throughout the Company
  • Help establish an internal network for team members
  • Build team member engagement

We are so excited to offer this new program that helps team members customize their career path, network with Company leaders, and aid them in achieving their career development goals. Stay tuned to hear personal experiences from our team members in the Team Up program and how it has helped accelerate their growth and development!

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