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Meet Our Women Leaders: Quiana Jones

Meet Our Women Leaders: Quiana Jones

Quiana Jones is currently a General Manager in Tennessee, having joined the Company in 2020. Prior to serving our customers, she served our country in the United States Army. We know veterans bring a diverse skillset – like adaptability, resiliency, leadership, and teamwork – and offer a unique perspective that contribute to the Company’s success every day. During Quiana’s military service, she was a trained soldier and also a legal specialist for her unit as well as a qualified sharpshooter. Quiana believes her military service skills have helped her develop into the leader she is today.

I am now serving my customers as a General Manager after starting with the TMX Finance® Family of Companies as a Store Manager. I began my journey with the Company under the leadership of a great General Manager, Jennifer Murawske, who taught me a lot about our mission and the business. She also supported my promotion to General Manager in August 2022. I believe my success here is a testament to my drive and ambition, but I also have to credit my success to Jennifer and many others who encouraged, supported, and helped prepare me for this leadership role.

I truly believe in our mission to help people. I know our goal is to offer someone who needs funding relief, hope, and solutions. When a customer comes in worried about paying an unexpected bill, you see the stress and worry on their face. Seeing them get approved for funding and smile is why I enjoy coming to work each day. For me, I find joy in the small victories, like when a customer is approved for the funds they need or when I can help them better understand their account. We all win!

Internally, the most empowering experience I have had with the Company has been being able to be a part of the BELIEVE (Black Employees Leading Innovation through Elevating Visions & Empowerment) Empower Resource Group (ERG). The Company’s ERG program is a voluntary, inclusive mentoring peer group format that combines seasoned leaders as well as mixes corporate and store operations Team Members in a group setting to discuss, collaborate, and share ideas. I loved the connections, support, and information that is shared in these meetings, and the groups really make you feel like you aren’t just an employee, you’re part of something bigger and greater – a Company focused on your personal growth, career development, and overall empowerment. The discussions in these groups can help you become a better employee, person, and mentor for others! I apply the lessons learned and ideas shared daily – at the office and at home. Now that’s empowerment!

I use the empowerment I receive at work to leverage my voice. I believe your honesty and your voice can have an enormous impact on those around you. I welcome feedback from my peers and leadership because it has helped me develop into the person and leader I am today. In return for their investment in me, I use my voice to provide feedback to others so that the Company can continue expanding and growing. I love that I work with a Company that provides the opportunity and platform to share feedback – whether good, bad, or indifferent. Knowing what I know now, I would remind myself “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and remember it takes time to cultivate something remarkable. It sometimes takes years to fully master a skill, craft, or habit and, even then, you are still learning! I encourage everyone to take time to learn today.

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