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The Golden Ticket Winner Series

The Golden Ticket Winner Series

Remember our awesome Golden Ticket winners? They are team members who are recognized by our President for doing outstanding things every day and are awarded a pair of tickets to a Dallas Mavericks game. Here’s a recap of the game from one of our Golden Ticket winners!

Golden Ticket Winner Chandler Schexnayder

Workforce Planning Analyst II, Savannah, GA

Read why Thadd Tokerud, Director of Financial Planning Analysis, nominated Chandler:

Let’s just start with this, if we could clone 100 to even 1,000 Chandler’s this world would be a better place!

On a daily basis Chandler is the living definition of a “team player” and is always willing to learn something new in an effort to better both himself and the Company. As an example, Chandler was a key player in the 2017 Budget process and did whatever it took to ensure that the Budget was not only completed, but successfully completed. Also, in understanding his role in the Budget process, Chandler invested his own time to research all of that fun accounting “stuff” like treatment of employee taxes and bonuses, which I would say is fun but others may think otherwise.

With that being said, I hope we all take time to follow Chandler’s example of being a team player and always striving to learn more, as those types of behaviors will ensure that the TMX Finance Family of Companies continues to be an industry leader!

Chandler’s Game Recap:

“I had an amazing time at the Dallas Mav’s Game. The seats were just awesome. I am very honored that I was chosen to receive this recognition and the tickets.”

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