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#DefineYourDrive: Results

#DefineYourDrive: Results

Submitted by: Donna Smith 

In 2009, after 26 years in the automotive retail business in a finance support role, I was ready for a more personal challenge. I researched the TMX Finance Family of Companies and was an immediate believer! The excitement that exuded from the District Director I interviewed with was contagious. After all, how many companies are structured in transparency to allow every team member an opportunity to advance with unlimited earning potential? I began my career here as a Customer Service Representative and after six months of learning invaluable relationship-selling skills from a veteran store operator, I was promoted to Store Manager. I had never before had the experience of working for a company where it seemed every team member had such positive, driven personalities and were always willing to share their knowledge to help develop each other.

I was mentored by my District Director, who helped me further develop my talents and drive and promoted me to a GM. He taught me how to reign in all distractions, set precise and lofty goals, and to achieve them through focus and determination. He taught me that, “your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” (Zig Ziglar) I’ve learned it is not the challenge that defines who you are – it is your ability to overcome it.  Because this job caters to personalities that thrive on caring and educating people while helping them meet specific monetary needs, we bond and form relationships with our customers.

Staying positive with an eye on the big picture makes change exciting. I have my mentors to thank for keeping me focused and for nurturing that behavior in me. My drive for success is stronger than my fear of failure, and I thrive in being part of a team that just keeps winning! I have been influenced by so many others that I have had the pleasure of working with here. I look forward to continued growth both professionally and personally. The schedule that we work has allowed me to be an involved mother to my four babies and to my five grands, all the while showing them what a positive attitude and great work ethic can earn them.



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