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#DefineYourDrive- Passion

#DefineYourDrive- Passion

Submitted by: Kevin Godwin – District Director of Operations, Georgia

Kevin GodwinI joined the Company in 2004 as a General Manager (“GM”). In just four years, I worked hard and was named a District Director of Operations (“DDO”) and four years later, I earned my next promotion to a Regional Director of Operations position, leading at the time, the largest region in the Company. However, two years later family issues led to me stepping back into a different role to be able to better assist my family. During that time, I buried one child, graduated another from college, and recently adopted a child all with my Company’s support.

During my tenure, I’ve had the honor of having two Top Operator TitleBucks General Managers and one Top Operator TitleBucks General Manager runner-up under my leadership. Not only have I changed the course of my own life, but I have witnessed multiple lives changed whether it’s the “first real job” customer service representative who earns their way up to a GM or DDO position, or the “little old lady” customer whom we were able to assist when everyone else told her no. I am proof that the only thing that limits you in this Company is your attitude, and I have proven if you focus on providing your team everything they need to be successful, they will carry you above any level you can take yourself on your own.

I know it may sound cheesy, but these three words- HONOR, COURAGE, COMMITMENT- have carried me since my time as a United States Marine. Honoring my family, those who lived before me and those who will remain after me, by leaving no doubt that if I touched it, I made it right! Courage to do what’s right regardless of where it leads. I take pride in WINNING and doing it the right way! Commitment that everyone on my team, in my unit, or that I am responsible for, will get my best and know that I have their best interest at heart through it all!  With that, I can say I have always and will always be a key part to a CONSISTANTLY HIGH PERFORMING TEAM as well as continue my reputation of leading one of the most consistent teams.

Only a tenured TMX veteran will understand these words… “Every year”! Every year that I push my team and myself to be better than the year before and accomplish our goals! Whether it’s YOY, KPIs, or promotions… everything in our world is measured. 12 years and I am still running a Top 5 District and leading my peer groups as passionately as I was on day one! My drive has made me rise above adversity every year, and I honestly believe that a GM or DDO at this Company can give the US MARINES a run for their money!

Without drive, you lack purpose. Without purpose, you lack passion. You cannot produce a HIGH- LEVEL RESULT without HIGH-LEVEL EFFORT, and the fuel for that effort is PASSION! Passion to see your team give it their all, find their purpose, and become self-driven!

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