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Celebrate and Reflect

Celebrate and Reflect

As a person of color, this month has significant value to me. Not only is it a month set aside to celebrate the accomplishments of so many who share my race and have come before me, but it is also a time to reflect on my life. Growing up in a small town, with the high standards of being the son of a pastor and being the first of my parents’ children to attend college, I’ve had the opportunity to see great examples of real life heroes, who know the real meaning of love, hard work, and success. My parents are the perfect role models. I think about my dad, and how, growing up, he was forced to quit school to work with my grandfather to provide for the family. Also, I think about my grandmother, and the many stories that I will forever cherish on how she used to walk miles to and from school, rain or shine, and how simple tasks, such as voting, were unheard of. I think of these tests and trials only to remind me of where we’ve come from as a race and how far I’ve come as an individual. From a CSR in Alabama, to currently maintaining a position as ACV Supervisor for TMX Finance Family of Companies in Dallas, TX, I’ve had the chance to witness, first-hand, an exact replica of our country and our world: diversity! I’ve had the opportunity to meet and learn the way of life from so many different people.

On this journey of life, I’ve learned that regardless of color, every person, unless born/develops a condition, has: 2 feet, 2 eyes, 2 hands, and 1 heart. With those feet, you are blessed with the ability to go anywhere you want to go. Depending on where you’re going, it may take you a while, but keep walking and you will get there. With your eyes, you are blessed with the ability to see amazing wonders, and sometimes unfortunate events. With your hands, you are able to give. Speaking of giving, I am an affiliate of a non-profit organization, We give many items, along with food to homeless people here in Dallas every month. Back to the story, the most important of them all, is the heart! This priceless organ not only pumps blood throughout the entire body, but it is also a worldwide symbol for Love.

Yes, I am a black man!

Yes, I am a black man of many talents!

Yes, I am a black man of many talents, who I loves who I am!

Yes, I am a black man of many talents, who loves who I am, tries to love everyone, works hard, realizes I’m not perfect, and appreciates God’s gifts!

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