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#2020Goals – A Challenge to Face Fears

#2020Goals – A Challenge to Face Fears

Once upon a time, on January 8, 2019, I challenged Adrianna Warnell, Direct Marketing Manager and 5-year TMX Finance Family member, to face her public speaking fears and take her career to the next level. We made a deal that if I agreed to speak at an upcoming conference in 2019, she would do the same in 2020.

So, naturally, to solidify and memorialize the agreement, I printed the exchange, framed it, and placed it on Adrianna’s desk to serve as a constant reminder to push harder and be braver than the previous day…  and, of course, to remind her that I will not forget she owes me. #2020Goals

Fast-forward to October 2019… I was absolutely honored to speak at the 4th annual “Onward” conference in New York City on a panel about leveraging and optimizing digital solutions to connect with consumers in the retail financial space.

What began as an excuse to push my team members out of their comfort zones and encourage them to lean into the talent I know they possess, turned into an incredibly rewarding and enriching opportunity to share my experience with likeminded marketers… and to brag a little bit about a few of the accomplishments achieved by our EPIC #TMXFamily!

Your turn, A. 😉

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